Tri-Five Chassis Powdercoating - Framing A Classic, Part 3

It's Time To Prep Our Frame And Give It A Protective Powdercoat

Damon Lee Jul 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0007_04_z 1955_chevy_chassis Powdercoating 2/23

Then he used a hammer and chisel to break the flange loose.

After being blasted, the frame was sent to RTS Powder Coating, also in Chino, for the application of the powdercoat. RTS is primarily a production powdercoating shop, with most of its business coming from big jobs for companies like Eibach Springs. But owner Don Reed is an avid hot rodder, so he's always willing to take on smaller jobs for individual enthusiasts. Coating our frame was no problem, since RTS is equipped with large ovens that can handle big parts. And even though RTS offers a rainbow of powder colors, we ultimately selected a semi-gloss black for the frame. Why basic black? Well, for starters, we don't even have a car to put on top of this frame yet, so it would have been impossible for us to match it to the exterior color of the vehicle. In addition, we envision the finished car as a real-world driver, so most of the parts on the undercarriage are probably going to be "basic black." We want everything to be clean and well detailed, but not overly flashy.

With that said, the following photos highlight the tasks involved in preparing and powdercoating our frame. We think you'll agree that the new coating really made it look a lot better, and should keep it looking great for years to come. In fact, it will start looking a lot better next month when we begin putting the front suspension together.




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