Holley G-Body Autocross Build - Project G-Force One

Holley seeks to build the most perfect G-body ever to dominate the autocross.

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Tom Tomlinson, the personable and down to earth owner of Holley, and his hardworking crew are quickly becoming known for pushing the envelope. A year ago they put on the largest LSx event in history, and have since done everything in their power to grow the event even larger. Somewhere in-between, Holley managed to produce a healthy catalogue of brand-new LS parts. They even managed to put together one of the coolest "shop trucks" ever built with the help of SoCal Speed, an LS3-powered '67 Chevy pickup with a TKO 600 trans. But they certainly aren't stopping there...

With the tremendous popularity of autocrossing at the LS Fest and across the country Holley needed another workhorse to tear up the pavement. While a Corvette or Camaro would have been the easy choice for a coupe that can carve corners, Tom was much more interested in providing a unique twist. He went out and purchased a 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix for the purposes of building the ultimate G-body.

Big deal, right? Anybody can purchase some rust bucket Grand Prix, throw some suspension on and drop in an LS. Perhaps, but not just anybody goes and picks up VIN #1 with only 70 miles on it to start said project. And not just anybody sends said project to Art Morrison to have a completely new frame built for it. Follow along as Engineer Matt Jones walks us through the process. In the next installment, we'll show the ridiculous powerplant Holley will be dropping in.


Art Morrison Enterprises
Fife, WA 98424
Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, KY 42101


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