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Total Cost Involved's New Four-Link Rear Suspension Offers True Bolt-In Performance

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It wasn't that long ago when the most you could do to improve the rear suspension on your Camaro was to bolt in a better set of leaf springs and some upgraded shocks. As they say, "that was then and this is now." Today the world is your oyster and you're faced with a dizzying array of choices. Some of these rear suspensions bolt in, while others live deep inside fabricationland where plasma cutters and welding implements are the rule rather than the exception.

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Total Cost Involved's new four-link rear suspension falls into the bolt-in category. Sure, if you want to use your existing 9-inch or 10-/12-bolt housing you'll need to weld brackets to the axle tubes, but they do offer pre-modified housings for those who would rather just sling wrenches. With the exception of the housing, the rest is plug-and-play. No floor mods are required, but you'll have to drill a few dozen holes. This makes sense since the rear suspension is under quite a bit of stress and needs to firmly integrate into the bottom of your Camaro.

As for how it works, we've seen their red 1968 Chevy Camaro with this system in action and, as far as performance goes, it was certainly able to throw down with the best of them. At our testing venue, the '68, on 220 treadwear Michelin Pilot Sport II tires, laid down 0.99 g on the skid pad and 49 mph though our 420-foot slalom. So you don't need to worry that these parts are all fluff and no substance. Installation isn't rocket science but, to give you an idea of what's involved, we decided to head over to TCI Engineering and put one in place.


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