1968 Chevy Camaro Bushings - Escalation

We Spent The Summer Sorting Out And Fine-Tuning Our '68 Project Car.

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Chasing Tenths
It's called the "point of diminishing returns," and it's a phrase that perfectly describes most aspects of hot rodding. If it costs "X" amount of dollars to run fast, then it costs exponentially more to run a bit faster. It's pretty easy to get to 90 percent, but it can be challenging and expensive to squeeze out the last 10 percent of potential performance. Our suspension was pretty high-end already, but we wanted just a bit more.

We found the main culprit to be our stock rubber control arm bushings. Sure, they help lessen the harshness on the road, but they tend to deform under hard cornering, throwing off our alignment specs when we need them most. By going with spherical bushings, we gave up a little ride "cush" for killer steering response and rock-solid geometry. Other upgrades were done to increase reliability and fix items like control arm angles and brake pad knockback. Besides, a car that is "just done" isn't as much fun.




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