1968 Camaro Subframe - When Good Cars Go Bad, Part 3

Installing A Speed Tech Subframe And Aligning Body Panels On A First-Gen.

Chuck Vranas Aug 30, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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•When walking up to a car parked at a show, nothing speaks louder than a killer stance and immaculate body lines. Spending extra time lining up the panels not only makes it look razor sharp, it also brings out the best in the final finish. Of course, looking good is only half of the ball game, 'cause if it doesn't handle worth a damn, you'll wish you had paid more attention earlier in the build. It's best to stick to a formula and set it up so it not only has seamless power, but that it also handles like it's on rails. Sure, straight-line performance of the '60s is cool, but effortlessly carving through a canyon is even cooler!

Camp_0910_02 1968_camaro_subframe Removed_front_end 2/32

When Tony Rose laid out his plans for the Karma Camaro, he knew exactly what he wanted his '68 to achieve in every department; from looks and stance, to performance, and braking, it had to be top notch. In order to give his car the handling it deserved, research led him to Speed Tech Performance. Their state-of-the-art-designed front subframe and suspension is a direct bolt-in unit requiring no modifications to the original car for installation. Constructed from heavy-duty rectangular steel, it is laser cut and jig-welded to exact specifications and weighs in at only 125 pounds. Their complete subframe kit includes custom-designed upper and lower tubular control arms, QA1 adjustable gas coilover shocks, billet aluminum upper shock mounts, and a solid chromoly heat-treated sway bar. Also featured in the kit are adjustable engine and transmission mounts, and a power rack-and-pinion system complete with steering arms. Tony decided to add ATS AFX spindles and billet steering arms to give the front end its final injection of performance.

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Let's follow along as Peter Newell and his team at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, get busy installing the new front subframe and suspension as well as re-hanging all of the front end sheetmetal.




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