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Hot Rods To Hell
Phone Number: 530.365.6561
Product: Front lower control arms
Retail Price: $595 for lower arms
Construction: Rectangular steel tube, lighter than stock, 2.5 times stronger, and flex free. Widens the spring track 2-inches for increased roll resistance and improved wheel rate, corrects front camber curve by raising the spindle on a long shank screw in ball joint.

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Features: These arms utilize a tall screw-in ball joint (MOOG) that corrects the camber curve and eliminates understeer. We have also moved the spring centerline one inch closer to ball joint centerline. Thus, widening the spring track and improving roll rate.
Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
These arms are a direct bolt-on upgrade and are one of the easiest bang-for-the-buck improvements you can make to your car. We have designed them to be compatible with stock spindles for true bolt-on installation.

Hotchkis Performance
Phone Number: 800.466.7655
Product: Geometry-Corrected Tubular A-Arms
Retail Price:From $716 for uppers and $901 for lowers.
Options: None. Arms come with all necessary installation hardware, including pre-installed heavy-duty ball joints and Delrin bushings. Upper arms include a 4130 chromoly offset billet cross-shaft. Lower arms include CNC-machined inset spring cups with precision aluminum ride height adjustment shims.

Uppers: 1.25-inch tubular steel, 100-percent TIG welded construction, CNC-cut gusset support brackets, chromoly cross-shaft, powdercoat finish.
Lowers: TIG-welded 1.5-inch tubular steel, CAD designed and analyzed by FEA software for maximum strength and perfect geometry, CNC-machined inset spring cup ties arm together for added strength.

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Features: Geometry-corrected design, upper ball joints and poly droop stop installed, offset cross-shaft allows increased static negative camber without alignment shims, increased caster improves high-speed stability and camber gain during turns. Smooth operating Delrin bushings allow minimal deflection through travel range, aluminum shims allow for 0.25-inch to 0.50-inch ride height adjustment.

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Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Our tubular A-Arms are CAD-engineered for strength and high-performance. They also incorporate modern geometry. We track-test every part and build them in the USA using 100-percent TIG welding and CNC machining. They bolt on right the first time, and work well as a system with our other parts. Our latest arms feature stackable billet spring shims for adjustable ride height, so you can fine-tune your car for the perfect stance.


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