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Want To Improve The Looks And Performance Of Your Factory Subframe?

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Chris Alston’s Chassisworks
Phone Number: 999.388.0205
Product: gStreet coilover conversion
Retail Price: Starting at $1,689 for the complete coilover system
Options: Stock height or drop spindles, single or double adjustable shocks. Bonded rubber or Poly bushings.
Construction: Fully TIG-welded construction with crossbraced lower arms.
Features: The gStreet line of front suspension systems and components is an excellent choice for improving the performance, geometry, and stance of early Camaros with minimal effort required for installation.

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To keep installation simple and maximize compatibility, control arms utilize the factory chassis mounts and bolt directly to stock or aftermarket dropped spindles. Arms feature a gray-hammertone powdercoat finish. Each style features a pivot-ball lower mount with ball-stud upper mount that bolts directly to the factory mounting location. The exclusive greaseable ball-stud mount provides more positive control of the suspension while still allowing free pivoting movement.

Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Chassisworks has elected to offer their arms as part of a complete coilover conversion package. Departing from the stock spring configuration permits the use of lighter weight lower control arms and 2.50-inch coil springs. gStreet lower control arms feature a true coilover-style eye mount instead of the stock-style crossbar mount commonly used. This improvement makes way for an innovative piece of engineering from our VariShock product line.

McGaughy’s Suspension
Phone Number: 559.226.8196
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: Sold through dealers only. Price varies
Construction: Uppers are 1-inch diameter 0.188-inch wall DOM seamless tubing. Lowers are 1.25-inch diameter 0.134 wall DOM seamless tubing.

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Features: McGaughy's has their own tubular upper control arms that come with original-style bushings for the ‘67-69 Camaro. The upper control arms add positive caster to the front end for better alignment and steering. The A-frames work with the factory sway bar and can be used with their drop spindles, stock height disc brake spindles, or original stock spindles. Our tubular control arms are engineered to improve the handling and driving quality of the vehicle.

Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
Our control arms have caster and camber built in for better handling and steering. Our tubular control arms are CAD-designed, CNC-machined, and the highest quality so that each pair is accurate and every installation goes smoothly, not to mention, they look a lot better than the stock, bulky control arms!

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Cars Parts
Phone Number: 800.841.8188
Product: Tubular Control Arms
Retail Price: From $399 for uppers and $579 for lowers
Options: Available in standard width or narrowed 1-inch per side, and lower arms are available for a stock spring or a coilover shock. All at no extra cost.
Construction: Uppers feature 1.25x0.120-inch wall tubing. Lowers feature 1.50x0.156-inch wall tubing.

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Features: All control arms come fully powdercoated black with poly bushings and factory ball joints installed. Upper arms come with an offset cross shaft for easy alignment. The narrowed arms allow you to run some real beefy meats for that Pro Touring look without rubbing the fenders.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
With 23 years of suspension design experience, Heidts tubular control arms, combined with our spindles will make your Camaro handle like the factory could only dream about.

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