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Classic Performance Products
Phone Number: 800.522.5004
Retail Price: From $337 for uppers and $445 for lowers
Options: Tubular arms come powdercoated in high gloss black or metallic silver. All arms come fully assembled and include ball joints and CPP’s patented bushing assemblies.

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Construction: Precision TIG-welded arms, laser-cut sheet metal, CNC-formed sheet and CNC-bent tube. The control arms feature 1.25-inch diameter tube with 0.120-inch walls in the upper and lower arms. OE Replacement ball joints come preinstalled along with new Polyplus bumpstops. Assembled with billet 4130 cross shafts and pivot sleeves.
Features: No lube No squeak bushing assemblies. All arms come fully assembled and offer 100-percent OE wheel travel. With virtually no deflection in the arms, there’s no need for additional caster. All high-stress locations are fully gusseted. No drilling, cutting, or grinding required. Due to the interlocking upper shaft and pivot, the bolts will never come loose.
Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
Panted bushings never squeak, never need to be greased, and can carry 4,000 pounds of load before they start to deflect. In a hard impact they will absorb energy by deflecting and then return to their original size and shape (like OE rubber but stronger). The same part works with conventional type coil springs, coilover kits, and shock wave air over kits. This is perfect for future upgrades.

Air Ride Technologies
Phone Number: 812.482.2932
Product: StrongArms
Retail Price: $1,200 for upper and lower control arms
Options: Add $600 for single-adjustable Shockwave air springs
Construction: 1.125-inch diameter tube with 0.219-inch wall DOM tube.
Features: Optimized ball joint angles and arm length to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel, installed cross shafts and ball joints for simple installation. Each arm is jig-welded to ensure repeatable quality. Powdercoated for long-lasting protection and the arms feature integrated swaybar mounts.
Years Covered: ’67–81
What sets your product apart?
We like to keep it simple so we designed our StrongArms with as few components as possible. Our four-axis CNC tube bender can create elegant bends that would otherwise require several separate welded components. All of our parts are autocross proven. We beat on our stuff so you can too!

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Speed Tech Performance
Phone Number: 888.467.1625
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: From $499 for uppers and $559 for lowers
Options: Spring Isolators
Construction: The Tubular Lower Control Arms are CAD-designed Mandrel-bent and all components are either laser cut or CNC-machined for exact tolerances. They are made from 1.50-inch seamless tubing with a wall thickness of 0.155-inch. The control arms come complete, powdercoated with adjustable steering stops, Acetron GP type bushings and urethane bumpstops.

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Features: Stronger than the factory control arms, urethane bumpstops provide ball joint protection at full drop. A complete factory replacement, no modifications are required to install the control arms. Bushings are made of Black Acetron GP that has zero deflection, low drag, and self-lubricating properties for a bind-free operation.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart? We use seamless steel tubing in every aspect of our arms. This produces a superior product and great overall strength. Each control arm is hand-inspected and hand-polished to remove any imperfections that may have been caused by the manufacturing process. They are then sandblasted to ensure any and all oils, greases. and surface contaminates are removed to prepare for the final powdercoating process. Acetron, the bushing material we use, is superior to every other acetal product on the market and allows for a finished product with no pockets to trap debris or cause weakening of the bushing.

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