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Camaro Control Arms - Arms Race

Want To Improve The Looks And Performance Of Your Factory Subframe?

Jul 24, 2009
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•When Camaros first started rolling off The General's assembly line over 40 years ago they weren't thought of as corner carvers, far from it. They were just basic modes of transportation. When performance was upped, it generally had to do with straight-line ground pounding. Even the better handling Z/28 version isn't all that great by today's standards.

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In the decades since that first '67 hit the road, companies have learned a lot about making these iconic Chevys handle the twisties in a much more capable fashion. Whereas, the Trans-Am racers of the past had to drill holes to relocate control arms and perform other tweaks, today's gearheads can increase the handling potential of their Camaros with simple bolt-on parts. One of those parts that can be upgraded is control arms. Also referred to as A-arms, they're one of the key elements in getting the front suspension geometry just right for handling curved roads. Other side benefits to aftermarket control arms are weight savings, especially in the unsprung areas, and looks since the stamped steel factory pieces tend to be a bit aesthetically challenged.

The big benefit to owning a ride as popular as the Camaro is parts availability and selection. In terms of replacement control arms, there's a veritable cornucopia of handling goodies on the market. Some of the offerings drastically change the geometry by adding additional caster and camber, while others offer weight savings, improved ride quality, and better looks. No matter what your goals are for your Camaro, chances are that one of these companies offers just what you're looking for in terms of performance, style, and budget.

Detroit Speed & Engineering
Phone Number: 704.662.3272
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: From $650 for uppers and $590 for lowers

Options: Can be ordered with stock spring pockets or coilover mounts. The arms are powdercoated gloss black and come assembled with ball joints. Two sets of Caster Tuner Bushings are included. The Detroit Speed and Engineering upper control arms are ready to bolt on!

Camp_0909_04 Camaro_control_arms Detroit_speed 3/22

Construction: Detroit Speed’s upper control arms have been computer modeled and the components have undergone finite element analysis. The control arms have CNC stainless steel cross shafts which incorporate Detroit Speed’s Caster Tuner Bushings. These aluminum bushings adjust caster by moving the upper control arm fore/aft for more or less caster without adding alignment shims. The upper control arms utilize Detroit Speed’s designed bushings. These greaseable aluminum/Delrin bushings have an increased stiffness over stock for more consistent and precise handling. Uppers have a 1.50-inch tube and lowers have a 1.625-inch tube, both feature 0.120-inch wall thickness.

Features: The Detroit Speed upper control arm kit is a complete and comprehensive package. Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain, improving roll camber, and increasing caster. The upper control arms have CNC-machined tube ends for precision fits. The arms are then TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability of geometry. The ball joint pocket is CNC-machined from billet for increased strength.

Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Detroit Speed designs, engineers, and thoroughly tests every product we sell; including the control arms. This provides the customer with the best possible product for ride, handling, and durability.

Camp_0909_03 Camaro_control_arms Detroit_speed_engineering 4/22

Classic Performance Products
Phone Number: 800.522.5004
Retail Price: From $337 for uppers and $445 for lowers
Options: Tubular arms come powdercoated in high gloss black or metallic silver. All arms come fully assembled and include ball joints and CPP’s patented bushing assemblies.

Camp_0909_06 Camaro_control_arms Classic_performance_products 5/22

Construction: Precision TIG-welded arms, laser-cut sheet metal, CNC-formed sheet and CNC-bent tube. The control arms feature 1.25-inch diameter tube with 0.120-inch walls in the upper and lower arms. OE Replacement ball joints come preinstalled along with new Polyplus bumpstops. Assembled with billet 4130 cross shafts and pivot sleeves.
Features: No lube No squeak bushing assemblies. All arms come fully assembled and offer 100-percent OE wheel travel. With virtually no deflection in the arms, there’s no need for additional caster. All high-stress locations are fully gusseted. No drilling, cutting, or grinding required. Due to the interlocking upper shaft and pivot, the bolts will never come loose.
Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
Panted bushings never squeak, never need to be greased, and can carry 4,000 pounds of load before they start to deflect. In a hard impact they will absorb energy by deflecting and then return to their original size and shape (like OE rubber but stronger). The same part works with conventional type coil springs, coilover kits, and shock wave air over kits. This is perfect for future upgrades.

Air Ride Technologies
Phone Number: 812.482.2932
Product: StrongArms
Retail Price: $1,200 for upper and lower control arms
Options: Add $600 for single-adjustable Shockwave air springs
Construction: 1.125-inch diameter tube with 0.219-inch wall DOM tube.
Features: Optimized ball joint angles and arm length to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel, installed cross shafts and ball joints for simple installation. Each arm is jig-welded to ensure repeatable quality. Powdercoated for long-lasting protection and the arms feature integrated swaybar mounts.
Years Covered: ’67–81
What sets your product apart?
We like to keep it simple so we designed our StrongArms with as few components as possible. Our four-axis CNC tube bender can create elegant bends that would otherwise require several separate welded components. All of our parts are autocross proven. We beat on our stuff so you can too!

Camp_0909_05 Camaro_control_arms Air_ride_technologies 6/22

Speed Tech Performance
Phone Number: 888.467.1625
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: From $499 for uppers and $559 for lowers
Options: Spring Isolators
Construction: The Tubular Lower Control Arms are CAD-designed Mandrel-bent and all components are either laser cut or CNC-machined for exact tolerances. They are made from 1.50-inch seamless tubing with a wall thickness of 0.155-inch. The control arms come complete, powdercoated with adjustable steering stops, Acetron GP type bushings and urethane bumpstops.

Camp_0909_07 Camaro_control_arms Speed_tech_performance 7/22

Features: Stronger than the factory control arms, urethane bumpstops provide ball joint protection at full drop. A complete factory replacement, no modifications are required to install the control arms. Bushings are made of Black Acetron GP that has zero deflection, low drag, and self-lubricating properties for a bind-free operation.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart? We use seamless steel tubing in every aspect of our arms. This produces a superior product and great overall strength. Each control arm is hand-inspected and hand-polished to remove any imperfections that may have been caused by the manufacturing process. They are then sandblasted to ensure any and all oils, greases. and surface contaminates are removed to prepare for the final powdercoating process. Acetron, the bushing material we use, is superior to every other acetal product on the market and allows for a finished product with no pockets to trap debris or cause weakening of the bushing.

Camp_0909_09 Camaro_control_arms Stp 8/22

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks
Phone Number: 999.388.0205
Product: gStreet coilover conversion
Retail Price: Starting at $1,689 for the complete coilover system
Options: Stock height or drop spindles, single or double adjustable shocks. Bonded rubber or Poly bushings.
Construction: Fully TIG-welded construction with crossbraced lower arms.
Features: The gStreet line of front suspension systems and components is an excellent choice for improving the performance, geometry, and stance of early Camaros with minimal effort required for installation.

Camp_0909_11 Camaro_control_arms Chris_alstons_chassisworks 9/22

To keep installation simple and maximize compatibility, control arms utilize the factory chassis mounts and bolt directly to stock or aftermarket dropped spindles. Arms feature a gray-hammertone powdercoat finish. Each style features a pivot-ball lower mount with ball-stud upper mount that bolts directly to the factory mounting location. The exclusive greaseable ball-stud mount provides more positive control of the suspension while still allowing free pivoting movement.

Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Chassisworks has elected to offer their arms as part of a complete coilover conversion package. Departing from the stock spring configuration permits the use of lighter weight lower control arms and 2.50-inch coil springs. gStreet lower control arms feature a true coilover-style eye mount instead of the stock-style crossbar mount commonly used. This improvement makes way for an innovative piece of engineering from our VariShock product line.

McGaughy’s Suspension
Phone Number: 559.226.8196
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: Sold through dealers only. Price varies
Construction: Uppers are 1-inch diameter 0.188-inch wall DOM seamless tubing. Lowers are 1.25-inch diameter 0.134 wall DOM seamless tubing.

Camp_0909_08 Camaro_control_arms Mcgaughys_suspension 10/22

Features: McGaughy's has their own tubular upper control arms that come with original-style bushings for the ‘67-69 Camaro. The upper control arms add positive caster to the front end for better alignment and steering. The A-frames work with the factory sway bar and can be used with their drop spindles, stock height disc brake spindles, or original stock spindles. Our tubular control arms are engineered to improve the handling and driving quality of the vehicle.

Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
Our control arms have caster and camber built in for better handling and steering. Our tubular control arms are CAD-designed, CNC-machined, and the highest quality so that each pair is accurate and every installation goes smoothly, not to mention, they look a lot better than the stock, bulky control arms!

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Cars Parts
Phone Number: 800.841.8188
Product: Tubular Control Arms
Retail Price: From $399 for uppers and $579 for lowers
Options: Available in standard width or narrowed 1-inch per side, and lower arms are available for a stock spring or a coilover shock. All at no extra cost.
Construction: Uppers feature 1.25x0.120-inch wall tubing. Lowers feature 1.50x0.156-inch wall tubing.

Camp_0909_12 Camaro_control_arms Heidts 11/22

Features: All control arms come fully powdercoated black with poly bushings and factory ball joints installed. Upper arms come with an offset cross shaft for easy alignment. The narrowed arms allow you to run some real beefy meats for that Pro Touring look without rubbing the fenders.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
With 23 years of suspension design experience, Heidts tubular control arms, combined with our spindles will make your Camaro handle like the factory could only dream about.

Camp_0909_10 Camaro_control_arms Heidts_hot_rods_muscle_cars_parts 12/22

BMR Fabrication
Phone Number: 813.986.9302
Product: Tubular Control Arms
Retail Price: From $347 for uppers and $545 for lowers
Options: Available in red or black hammertone powdercoat at no additional charge.
Construction: A-arms are fabricated from heavy-duty MIG-welded DOM tubing and come pre-assembled with low-deflection polyurethane bushings, bump stops, and new ball joints. Ball joint cups are CNC-milled and the steel spring pockets are CNC laser cut. They're fixture welded to ensure repeated high quality.

Camp_0909_13 Camaro_control_arms Bmr_fabrication 13/22

Features: Good all-around design that works equally well on the street, strip, or road course. Designed to be used with stock springs, lowering springs, or QA1 Pro Coil kit. These control arms offer less weight and increased strength over factory stamped steel design. Arms include low-deflection polyurethane bushings with zinc-plated steel inner sleeves. These bushings are fluted to better hold grease. They come pre-assembled with new ball joints, bumpstops, grease fittings, bushings, and inner sleeves.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Our products feature low cost combined with high-quality construction that’s proudly made here in the USA by BMR employees. We also do our own powdercoating to ensure the highest quality possible.

Camp_0909_14 Camaro_control_arms Bmr_fab 14/22

Fatman Fabrications
Phone Number: 704.545.0369
Product: G-Tech Tubular Control Arms
Retail Price: $899 for a set of four, ready to install
Options: Powdercoating. Mounts for OEM coil springs, coilovers, or Air Ride are no-charge options.
Construction: TIG-welded , mandrel-bent 1-inch x 0.188-inch wall SAE 1020 DOM steel tubing. Stamped 0.188-inch wall spring cup with molded urethane lower coil spring mount. Upper control arm shafts are CNC-machined CRS steel with 0.1875-inch alignment aid offset. Urethane bushings and quality ball joints installed. Steering stops and sway bar mounts included.

Camp_0909_16 Camaro_control_arms Fatman_fabrication 15/22

Features: These arms are available in standard width, or narrowed 1.5-inch per side to allow extra tire clearance. A molded urethane spring seat is provided for the lower end of the coil spring­—great for noise reduction. They are also removable for conversion to coilovers or Airride. The upper ball joint has been moved back to allow caster settings that account for cars with a raked stance and using more positive caster settings for enhanced high-speed handling.
Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
We supply the bushings, ball joints, and shafts installed using top-quality components. The upper shafts have a 0.1875-inch offset built into them—an improvement pioneered by MOOG. Doing so allows you to change the length of the upper arm 0.375-inch to allow a larger “window” for your alignment expert to deal with. We’ve sold thousands of sets since 1991, so we know what works.

Performance Online
Phone Number: 800.638.1703
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arm set
Retail Price: $749 per set (uppers and lowers)
Construction: Lower control arms are 1.625-inch OD 0.156-inch wall DOM tubing. Upper control arms are 1.125-inch OD 0.125-inch wall DOM tubing.
Features: Special cam plugs allow for more caster adjustment, which gives the vehicle more high-speed stability. The control arms work with stock coils or coilover springs and are painted gloss black. Kit includes all four control arms with ball Joints, cross shafts, and Delrin bushings.

Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
You should notice better handling due to the improved geometry, especially at higher speeds. The end result will be a Camaro that drives nice and straight on the freeway and doesn’t follow ruts in the road, especially if you have power steering. Our arms include a warranty and come fully assembled and ready to run.

Camp_0909_15 Camaro_control_arms Performance_online 16/22

Hot Rods To Hell
Phone Number: 530.365.6561
Product: Front lower control arms
Retail Price: $595 for lower arms
Construction: Rectangular steel tube, lighter than stock, 2.5 times stronger, and flex free. Widens the spring track 2-inches for increased roll resistance and improved wheel rate, corrects front camber curve by raising the spindle on a long shank screw in ball joint.

Camp_0909_19 Camaro_control_arms Hot_rods 17/22

Features: These arms utilize a tall screw-in ball joint (MOOG) that corrects the camber curve and eliminates understeer. We have also moved the spring centerline one inch closer to ball joint centerline. Thus, widening the spring track and improving roll rate.
Years Covered: ’67-69
What sets your product apart?
These arms are a direct bolt-on upgrade and are one of the easiest bang-for-the-buck improvements you can make to your car. We have designed them to be compatible with stock spindles for true bolt-on installation.

Hotchkis Performance
Phone Number: 800.466.7655
Product: Geometry-Corrected Tubular A-Arms
Retail Price:From $716 for uppers and $901 for lowers.
Options: None. Arms come with all necessary installation hardware, including pre-installed heavy-duty ball joints and Delrin bushings. Upper arms include a 4130 chromoly offset billet cross-shaft. Lower arms include CNC-machined inset spring cups with precision aluminum ride height adjustment shims.

Uppers: 1.25-inch tubular steel, 100-percent TIG welded construction, CNC-cut gusset support brackets, chromoly cross-shaft, powdercoat finish.
Lowers: TIG-welded 1.5-inch tubular steel, CAD designed and analyzed by FEA software for maximum strength and perfect geometry, CNC-machined inset spring cup ties arm together for added strength.

Camp_0909_17 Camaro_control_arms Hotchkis_performance 18/22

Features: Geometry-corrected design, upper ball joints and poly droop stop installed, offset cross-shaft allows increased static negative camber without alignment shims, increased caster improves high-speed stability and camber gain during turns. Smooth operating Delrin bushings allow minimal deflection through travel range, aluminum shims allow for 0.25-inch to 0.50-inch ride height adjustment.

Camp_0909_18 Camaro_control_arms Hotchkis 19/22

Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Our tubular A-Arms are CAD-engineered for strength and high-performance. They also incorporate modern geometry. We track-test every part and build them in the USA using 100-percent TIG welding and CNC machining. They bolt on right the first time, and work well as a system with our other parts. Our latest arms feature stackable billet spring shims for adjustable ride height, so you can fine-tune your car for the perfect stance.

Global West Suspension Components
Phone Number: 877.470.2975
Product: G-Plus (Geometry Plus, TLC Series drag arms and Negative Roll Systems)
Retail Price: From $495 for uppers and $594 for lowers
Options: Global West manufactures several different control arms for various applications including drag racing, road racing, street, builder kits for show car guys, and coilover conversions. The control arms are shipped fully assembled including ball joints except for the builder kits. All control arms can be upgraded to top-of-the-line Del-a-Lum bushings.

Camp_0909_21 Camaro_control_arms Suspension_components 20/22

Construction: Tube material is 1.25-inch to 1.625-inch diameter depending on application. 1020 DOM or 4130 material is used. Wall thickness ranges from 0.090-inch to 0.125-inch. The wall gussets and supports are 0.125- or 0.1875-inch thick depending on location. The shafts are 1045 cold roll or 7075-T6 aluminum depending on kit. The bushings are Global West Del-a-lum bushings, Delrin, or polyeruthane.
Features: Control arms are all CNC-machined, whether it's the housing or tubes. All arms are jig-welded using heliarc at load-carrying pickup points. MIG welding is used for support gussets. All control arm tubes are CNC-bent for consistency and the arms are strapped at load carrying points for strength. Major care is taken concerning welding procedures and fixtures so the arms fit the car properly the first time.

Years Covered: ’67-02
What sets your product apart?
All our control arms, except the TLC series drag arms, are available with Del-a-lum bushings that have a lifetime warranty. The control arms also have a warranty as well as the cross-shafts. All of our control arm kits will improve the vehicle performance

Camp_0909_23 Camaro_control_arms Global_west 21/22

Spohn Performance
Phone Number: 888.365.6064
Product: Tubular front A-arms
Retail Price: From $179 for uppers and $299 for lowers
Options: Adjustable spherical rod ends, upgraded bushings, and upgraded tube material.

Construction: Spohn control arms are gusseted in critical areas to ensure that a weld never breaks. Tubes are 1.25-inch diameter with 0.120-inch seamless walls. Ball joint cups are CNC-machined from 2.75-inch OD 0.375-inch wall seamless mechanical tubing. All arms come fully powdercoated.
Features: Spohn front control arms are a true "A" arm rather than a "V" arm. This provides maximum rigidity and equalizes forces delivered in to the k-member. They decrease overall, and especially "unsprung" weight.

Years Covered: ’82–02
What sets your product apart?
We offer a variety of options and applications to fit various customer needs. Drag racing, road racing, stock-style spring, coilovers, etc. They are also available in mild steel DOM or 4130N chromoly tubing.

Camp_0909_22 Camaro_control_arms Spohn_performance 22/22



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