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•When Camaros first started rolling off The General's assembly line over 40 years ago they weren't thought of as corner carvers, far from it. They were just basic modes of transportation. When performance was upped, it generally had to do with straight-line ground pounding. Even the better handling Z/28 version isn't all that great by today's standards.

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In the decades since that first '67 hit the road, companies have learned a lot about making these iconic Chevys handle the twisties in a much more capable fashion. Whereas, the Trans-Am racers of the past had to drill holes to relocate control arms and perform other tweaks, today's gearheads can increase the handling potential of their Camaros with simple bolt-on parts. One of those parts that can be upgraded is control arms. Also referred to as A-arms, they're one of the key elements in getting the front suspension geometry just right for handling curved roads. Other side benefits to aftermarket control arms are weight savings, especially in the unsprung areas, and looks since the stamped steel factory pieces tend to be a bit aesthetically challenged.

The big benefit to owning a ride as popular as the Camaro is parts availability and selection. In terms of replacement control arms, there's a veritable cornucopia of handling goodies on the market. Some of the offerings drastically change the geometry by adding additional caster and camber, while others offer weight savings, improved ride quality, and better looks. No matter what your goals are for your Camaro, chances are that one of these companies offers just what you're looking for in terms of performance, style, and budget.

Detroit Speed & Engineering
Phone Number: 704.662.3272
Product: Tubular upper and lower control arms
Retail Price: From $650 for uppers and $590 for lowers

Options: Can be ordered with stock spring pockets or coilover mounts. The arms are powdercoated gloss black and come assembled with ball joints. Two sets of Caster Tuner Bushings are included. The Detroit Speed and Engineering upper control arms are ready to bolt on!

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Construction: Detroit Speed’s upper control arms have been computer modeled and the components have undergone finite element analysis. The control arms have CNC stainless steel cross shafts which incorporate Detroit Speed’s Caster Tuner Bushings. These aluminum bushings adjust caster by moving the upper control arm fore/aft for more or less caster without adding alignment shims. The upper control arms utilize Detroit Speed’s designed bushings. These greaseable aluminum/Delrin bushings have an increased stiffness over stock for more consistent and precise handling. Uppers have a 1.50-inch tube and lowers have a 1.625-inch tube, both feature 0.120-inch wall thickness.

Features: The Detroit Speed upper control arm kit is a complete and comprehensive package. Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain, improving roll camber, and increasing caster. The upper control arms have CNC-machined tube ends for precision fits. The arms are then TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability of geometry. The ball joint pocket is CNC-machined from billet for increased strength.

Years Covered: ’67-81
What sets your product apart?
Detroit Speed designs, engineers, and thoroughly tests every product we sell; including the control arms. This provides the customer with the best possible product for ride, handling, and durability.

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