BMR Suspension Shop Tour - How 5th Gen Camaro Suspension is Made

How It’s Made - We take a shop tour of BMR Suspension, while observing how 5th-Gen Camaro suspension is manufactured

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Bmr Suspension Manufacturing In House Parts 2/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Tubing Drilled 3/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Drilled Tube 4/37

8. Everything is made in house, except for the coil springs. Here, a small piece of tubing gets drilled and cut for the LCAs. This is the section that mounts inside the housing for the mounting bolt.

Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Parts Cleaning 5/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Dried Parts 6/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Powder Coated Parts 7/37

9. After the parts are media blasted, they get sprayed off with a solution, cleaning them from all debris, and then dried prior to powder coating.

Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Parts Baking 8/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Tunnel Brace 9/37

10. We would love to show you pictures of parts baking inside the oven. But since it takes several hundred degrees to cure the coating, we’ve elected to sit that part out. We do like having skin, after all. The process takes about 25 minutes, and once out of the oven, they look like works of art like this. Pictured on the right is the tunnel brace we’ll be using.

Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Storage Room 10/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Hardware 11/37

11. BMR has a storage room filled with all of the hardware that they use in their suspension kits. It’s also interesting to note that all of the bushings used for their lower control arms, sway bars, and other hardware, come directly from Energy Suspension. Hey, if you’re going to seek assistance, you might as well seek it from the best, right?

Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Components 12/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Parts Documents 13/37
Bmr Suspension Manufacturing Packaging 14/37

12. Since we had planned on installing the parts onto Apex Assassin at the BMR facility, it didn’t make any sense to pack them up and ship them out. However, we couldn’t help but take a peak at the process. Here, we watch a worker pack some components up to customers.


Energy Suspension
San Clemente, 92673
BMR Suspension
Thonotosassa, FL 33592


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