Chevrolet Camaro and Nova Front Clip Buyer's Guide

Clip It! - A guide to bolt-on front subframes fitted with upgraded suspension components for the Camaro and Nova.

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Upgrading the suspension in a unibody Chevy has never been easier. Just about every suspension company worth its salt is selling complete front clips. These companies have been pushing the limits of bolt-ons for some time now, and what has come from all that testing are some pretty superior suspension systems and the subframes from which they hang. The newest trend we are seeing is front subframe assemblies that come fully complete with upgraded suspension.

As a consumer this makes the job of upgrading your stuff a weekend project instead of a long, drawn out process. Just remove all your stock stuff in one unit and replace it with the new goods. This keeps the guesswork to a minimum, as you know everything on that clip was designed to work in unison. All of the clips in this guide offer an upgrade of some sort over the stock stuff, whether it's as simple as improved steering and exhaust clearance, to a full blown upgrade over everything. We tried to provide all the information you need in the space we had, but once you are done checking it all out, make sure to contact the companies for the full details

Art Morrison Enterprises

Morrison's new GT-Sport front clip is a popular addition to any '67-'81 Camaro. It also fits '68-'74 Novas. Designed through the use of finite element analysis (FEA), the 105 lb. front clip has strength and stiffness, yet is significantly lighter than the bulky OEM unit. With reduced unsprung weight, forged aluminum C6 Corvette control arms, a shortened front view swing arm, modified caster, and adjustable coil-over shocks, Morrison's GT-Sport clip will provide the handling you want. Through use of a specially modified C6 spindle with lowered steering arm mounting, the power rack-and-pinion steering unit is mounted some 2-inches lower in the frame, which allows for a lower CG and improved handling. Pricing starts at $6,685.00.

Art Morrison Enterprises Front 2/17

Art Morrison Enterprises

B'z Rods

The crew over at B'z Rods reports that after months of fine-tuning and tweaking, it has “perfected the straight axle frontend for the '62-'67 Nova.” The B'z Rods frames have been engineered with a front steer design to provide virtually no bump steer, a common problem with straight axles in the past. This clip also allows you to use almost any oil pan with plenty of clearance for those big headers. Some key features are it's made to use stock core support; super slide springs with urethane bushings; Vega steering box with polished stainless steel pitman arm; forged spindles with pre-fitted pins; 9-1/4-inch Mustang II style vented rotors with a 5x4-3/4-inch bolt circle; GM metric calipers with pads; bearings, seals, etc. The clip comes in raw steel, but powdercoating is available for an additional charge. The clip comes fully assembled. B'z does this to ensure you will have no issues at home. This clip retails for $3,395.00.

B Z Rods Straight Axle Front End 3/17

B'z Rods

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Chassisworks' muscle-car g-Machine subframe is a direct-fit solution designed for '62-'67 Chevy IIs. The system features a welded subframe with integrated double A-arm, rack-and-pinion crossmember, and two supporting struts, all secured at the factory firewall mounting locations. Unlike others, the g-Machine Chevy II subframe is completely boxed with welded radiator-core-support crossmember,high-clearance bent support struts for engine and exhaust clearance, and optional aluminum inner fender panels and steel fender supports with integrated hood-hinge mounts. As an option, factory-welded motor-plate brackets can also be added for vehicles requiring maximum chassis stiffness, while an optional mid plate is a simple bolt-on. Systems start at $,3995.00.

Chris Alston Chassisworks Subframe 4/17

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Classic Performance Products (CPP)

CPP has something for the restoration guys. These '67-'69 Camaro front subframe kits come with a stock subframe that is powdercoated for protection from the elements. They also include a stock or drop spindle, disc brake wheel kit, power steering gear box, stamped steel OE-style control arms, steering linkage, steering arms, sway bar, coil springs, shocks and small-block motor perches. It comes complete, but all components are also sold separately. Many brake, tubular control arm, and steering box upgrades are also available. It retails for $2,779.00.

Classic Performance Products Front Subframe Kit 5/17

Classic Performance Products, Inc.

Detroit Speed (DSE)

The Detroit Speed subframe has been designed, engineered, and developed for the road and track. The hydroformed front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original in '67-'81 Camaro and '68 -'74 Nova applications. The hydroformed framerails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. The subframe comes complete with the following components: Hydroformed framerails, stamped crossmembers, tubular upper and lower control arms, 4041 pre-hardened machined control arm mounting shafts, DSE/JRi coilover shocks with DSE-specific valving, springs, power rack-and-pinion steering, splined anti-rollbar, forged steering knuckles with bearing packs. Up to a 10-inch wide wheel can be packaged without modification to the inner wheelwells. SBC, BBC, LS1, LS2, and LS7 engines are a direct bolt-in to this subframe. Pricing starts at $7,000.00

Detroit Speed Subframe 6/17

Detroit Speed, Inc.,

Fat Man Fabrication

Fatman has a trick new suspension that provides Pro Touring handling and style for the '70-‘81 Camaro or '75-'79 Nova. This completely new subframe provides vastly improved geometry, with a 2-inch narrower track width. This unit bolts into the unibody just like the original, and is supplied with polished stainless steel control arms, dropped spindles with 11-inch disc brakes, sway bar, and steering hook up to the original column. Billet QA1 colilovers are standard, with other options available, and Wilwood brakes. LS, small- or big-blocks can be installed using the oil pans that fit in the original chassis. The front mounted rack-and-pinion solves the old problem of header-to-steering box interference. Prices start at $4,295.00.

Fat Man Fabrication 7/17

Fatman Fabrications Inc.


For the '67-'81 Camaros and '68-'74 Novas, Heidts offers the Pro-G front subframe. The Pro-G front subframe features heavy duty upper and lower control arms with adjustable rod ends, power rack-and-pinion, 11-inch rotors with four-piston Wilwood calipers, adjustable aluminum coilover shocks, and 2-inch dropped spindles. Available options include double adjustable shocks, splined sway bars, and many Wilwood brake kits including 13-inch drilled rotors with 6-piston polished calipers. The Pro-G clip starts at $4,715.00.

Heidts Front 8/17



The Helix independent front suspension kits features factory correct dimensions and mount locations for a bolt in installation. Available for multiple applications, including '62-'67 Novas. There are several brake and suspension options to choose from to suite you specific build style. The kit is designed with advance suspension geometry for a smooth ride. Helix is proud to say, “We are independently engineered and tested to achieve ADR certification.” Helix independent front suspension kits start at $1200 and come with a lifetime warranty.

Helix Front Suspension Kit 9/17





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