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Raise Strange Engineering S60 Into 2/31

14. Next, Jason Scudellari raised the S60 into place, making sure to align the upper control arms and coil springs into the factory pockets.

Zinc Plated 3/31

15. The links attach to the frame using zinc-plated brackets.

Rear Sway Bar Attaches To Axle 4/31

16. The rear sway bar attaches to the axle housing with DSE supplied hardware.

Dse Koni 5/31

17. The Koni shocks we ordered from DSE are specifically valved to work with the spring rates.

Disconnect Tie Rods And Spindle 6/31

18. Moving onto the frontend of the Chevelle, Scudellari started by disconnecting the tie rods and the spindle nut before ditching the stock discs.

Cpp 500 Series Steering 7/31

19. CPP’s 500 Series steering box is a direct replacement for the factory power steering box or an easy way to upgrade from manual steering to power steering. The 14 to 1 ratio adds a new dimension of handling to your car, smooth operation and excellent road feedback.

Remove Pitman 8/31

20. Removal of the stock steering box starts with the pitman arm. Once the arm is disconnected, four bolts through the frame later, you can drop out the cast piece.

Remove Steering 9/31

21. Removal of the stock steering box starts with the pitman arm. Once the arm is disconnected, four bolts through the frame later, you can drop out the cast piece.

Lower Control Arms Delrin 10/31

22. The lower control arms are built with Delrin bushings for minimal deflection.

Dse Shocks 11/31

23. DSE’s shocks are specifically engineered to make old heavy cars handle. The rebound and compression have been finely tuned by some of the best in Pro Touring. With this setup you can also control ride height with a spanner wrench on the threaded spring perch.

Dse 12/31

24. DSE’s spindles are forged pieces that are engineered to withstand the harsh loads of aggressive handling.

Front Suspension Completely 13/31

25. Here's a shot of DSE's front suspension completely assembled. We noticed the car was lowered by almost 3 inches, giving an awesome stance. The cool thing is with the coil overs we have the option to raise the ride height a bit for the street. The aluminum bodies DSE shock are dyno'd before being sent out and even come with a graph showing the user how the shock performed.

Drill And Tap Frame Before Installing 14/31

26. To install the DSE splined front sway bar you must drill and tap the frame before installing the billet aluminum support brackets that house Delrin bushings.

Dse Splined Sway 15/31

27. The DSE splined sway bar attaches to the lower control arm using high quality sealed links.

Sway Bar To Lower Control 16/31

28. It’s important to tighten the billet steel arm on the splined side first; if you tighten the link first, the arm can slide off the splines.

Finshed 17/31


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