Replacing Camaro Brakes and Suspension

Replacing your Camaro’s old brakes and suspension with CPP goods

Jake Amatisto Oct 15, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Measure Tie 2/32

Before assembling the new steering components, the length of the tie rods must be measured and recorded.

Tie Rod Sleeves 3/32

Then, the length is matched using CPP’s aluminum tie-rod sleeves (PN ES2004SP-AB).

Cpp Sway 4/32

The new sway bar from CPP simply bolts in place of the stock one, using new hardware and bushings, of course.

New Leaf 5/32

The new leaf springs use brand-new bushings that get knocked into place with a mallet.

U Bolt 6/32

Before the new springs can be installed, the U-bolt holes needed to be widened to accept the new hardware.

Spring Isolator 7/32

Once the new spring isolator bushings were in place, an impact gun was used to cinch everything up.

Qa1 8/32

The QA1 shocks simply bolt up in the stock location, which positions the adjuster knob in an accessible location.

Chuck Drum 9/32

The C-clips were removed and the factory drum brakes were chucked.

Caliper 10/32

CPP caliper brackets were installed using the new Grade 8 hardware.

Cpp Big 11/32

CPP’s Big Brake kit (PN 6869RWBK-P12) for the rear is a popular upgrade in GM vehicles. It uses a cool caliper design that has the parking brake integrated into the caliper itself.

Install Rear Sway 12/32

To install the rear sway bar, these links are first bolted to the stock frame using the CPP-supplied U-bolt and hardware.

Mount 13/32

This allows you to mount the bushings and brackets that essentially hold the whole setup in place.

Rear Sway Bar Differential 14/32

With the rear sway bar in place and the diff cover back on, it was time to take the Camaro for a spin.

Finished 15/32

As you can see from the finished installation, the CPP stuff looks ready to rock. An aggressive slalom revealed noticeably improved performance with minimized body roll.


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