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2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS Suspension Upgrade with LSR Performance

Measuring Up - LSR Performance gets our '12 SS dialed in with a few new suspension parts and plenty of know-how

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Sure we can slap on a bunch of parts and slam a car to the ground, but that doesn’t mean it will actually handle any better. It takes years of experience to grasp the many factors at work and how to fine-tune a setup for optimum performance. That’s where suspension experts such as LSR Performance come in. In addition to making a full complement of components that can fix many common woes in the fifth-generation Camaro’s factory design, LSR has a full service shop with experience prepping average street cars for open track days all the way up to full blown racecars for SCCA competition—corner balancing, alignments, you name it.

GMHTP 2012 Camaro SS LSR Performance Trailing 2/22

If you recall last month’s story, we made some major changes to improve our 2012 Camaro SS’s grip, stability, and roll stiffness. The usual suspects were at work—lighter and wider Weld Racing wheels with larger and stickier Nitto NT05 rubber, BC Racing coilovers from Phastek Performance, and LSR Performance adjustable sway bars. These well-designed parts should have made a huge improvement, but with so much adjustability and changes to the geometry it also caused quite a bit more complication. Thankfully LSR was just a phone call and a few hours drive away (Pompano Beach, Florida), and happy to help us sort out the Camaro’s suspension—starting with the tire pressure, ride height, and alignment. From there, LSR would be going through the suspension with a fine-toothed comb and adding a few upgrades that would hopefully put our Camaro’s handling on par with the many Corvettes, and even Mustangs, we’ll be running with at Sebring International Raceway next month.

GMHTP 2012 Camaro SS LSR Alignment 17/22

17 LSR’s laser alignment rack took our conservative stock alignment to something more aggressive -1.2 degrees of camber at all four corners, 0 toe in front, .179 toe out in the rear (or 1⁄16-in. for the DIY’r) that would make the car more responsive while minimally increasing tire wear. Hotshoe Glen Vitale of LSR said these specs were suitable for a weekend warrior like ours to drive to events and car shows, but possibly not a daily driver.

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