1995 Chevrolet Camaro, The Purp - Home Stretch

The Purp gets one step closer to completion as we plumb the brakes, install the seats, and bolt down the trans hardware

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1995 Camaro Purp Grinding Spindle For Drag 2/26

16 Although the Strange Pro Steel front brakes were already installed when The Purp arrived at SAM, Dustin noticed that the calipers were not sitting square to the rotors. The culprits were triangular casting humps on each spindle that prevented the caliper bracket from sitting flush on the spindle mounting pads. Grinding the humps down with an angle grinder corrected the problem.

1995 Camaro Purp Install Trans 3/26

17 Like many late-models, fourth-gen Camaros do not have front grille openings, and instead direct air into the radiator from the bottom of the car using an air dam. To ensure adequate airflow to the transmission cooler, it was mounted above the air dam and in front of the radiator on the passenger side. To attach the cooler to the radiator core support, Dustin fabricated some custom brackets out of 1x3⁄8-inch steel plate.

1995 Camaro Purp Powerglide Trans 4/26

18 After screwing in 1⁄4-inch NPT to -6AN male adapter fittings (PN SUM-220647) into the Powerglide’s fluid cooler ports, Dustin ran a pair of -6AN steel braided lines (PN SUM-230615) along the oil pan, over the K-member, to the framerail, and finally to the front of the car. A pair of 1⁄2-inch NPT to -6AN male fittings were screwed into the tranny cooler to adapt them to the -6AN 90-degree hose ends (PN SUM-220687B).

1995 Camaro Purp Install Powerglide 5/26

19 As luck would have it, the factory shifter mounting pads just happened to line up with the bolt-holes on the TCI shifter base. Dustin marked and drilled out the four bolt-hole locations to the floor, welded nuts beneath them, then bolted the shifter up.

1995 Camaro Purp Fabricate Seat 6/26

20 The broad variety of factory floor shapes and contours means that there is usually some custom fabrication involved when installing a set of race seats. After marking the width of the seats onto the floorboard, Dustin welded up a set of custom 2x1⁄4-inch steel brackets lengthwise, thereby bridging the stock mounting pads together. Before doing so, the brackets were countersunk into the floor 1⁄4-inch to buy some additional roll cage clearance. This involved cutting notches into the floor with a cutoff wheel, sinking them downward, and then welding them back together.

1995 Camaro Purp Fabricate Passenger Seat 7/26

21 The infamous catalytic converter hump on the passenger side floorboard makes fabricating custom seat brackets much more difficult than on the driver side. Since the front and rear factory mounting pads are at different heights, Dustin welded the bracket horizontally in the rear. To keep the seat level, the front mounting bolts must be bolted directly to the floorboard using a 2-inch spacer at the right-front corner.

1995 Camaro Purp Bolt Down 8/26

22 With the fabrication on the custom brackets complete, the Kirky seats bolted right up using four bolts per side. Nuts welded to the bottom side of the bracket holes allow for easy bolting and unbolting of the seats.

1995 Camaro Purp Kirkey Seats 9/26

23 After bolting up the seats and shifter, The Purp’s interior is finally starting to resemble a real race car. The Kirkey seat covers (PN 41311) provide comfort and good looks, and we plan on installing carpet to comply with class rules and spruce things up even more.

1995 Camaro Purp Install Rear 10/26

24 The rear hatchback glass is one heavy SOB, checking in at about 40 pounds. To cut some easy fat, it was replaced with a polycarbon unit for Percy’s Speedglass, which weighs half as much. Since the window seals around the corners of the stock glass are extremely thick and difficult to remove, a glass company popped it out for $60. Next, Dustin glued the new polycarbonate glass down.

1995 Camaro Purp Install Front 11/26

25 As with the rear, Percy’s set us up with a polycarbonate front windshield. Although the window installation kit didn’t arrive in time for our deadline, Dustin was able to test fit it nonetheless. The window installation kit is essentially an inner frame that welds around the window opening. It features tabs and nuts spaced three inches apart, and the window screws directly into the nuts.


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