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Coilover Suspension Installation - 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle - Corner Carving On G-Street

Installing a Chris Alston's Chassisworks coilover suspension system on a '66 Chevelle.

Oct 20, 2013
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Getting your muscle car lowered and looking good is an easy task these days—even getting it to handle better is not that hard. But to get your ride to corner with the best of them, you need to up the ante and install a complete adjustable suspension package.

We have a '66 Chevelle in our stable that belongs to a friend who is building it into a tribute to one of the most iconic '66 Chevelles ever—Smokey Yunick's Grand National car. The owner states, “I found it's too easy to outdrive these cars in stock form. I wanted to build one that will be very competitive in autocross and open track days, yet adjustable enough that I could dial it back and enjoy it on the street.” That led him to purchase a complete g-Street system from Chris Alston's Chassisworks (CAC).

Chris Alston Chassisworks G Street System 1966 Chevrolet 2/34

Over the years, we have had vehicles equipped with Chris Alston's underpinnings attend our Nitto Tire-sponsored Suspension & Handling Challenge, and their performance has always been impressive. What was so notable was how well the cars worked even though all the stuff bolted on with no major frame modifications.

All the stars were lined up with this one. We had a bare chassis just wanting to be modified and a couple of boxes of killer suspension goodies ready for installation. We offered up our shop and let the tools and camera fly. We will revisit this when the car is finally roadworthy and bring you testing results, but since it's knee deep in an LS swap right now, we are all gonna have to wait.


Chris Alston's Chassisworks
Sacramento, CA 95828

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