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Chris Alston's Chassisworks' 'cage in a Nova hardtop

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Project True 10.5

Several years ago we started dreaming up a third-gen Camaro to compete in the True 10.5 class, a class reserved for both stock suspension and back-halved cars like ours, but one that also requires competitors to retain the factory firewall. Up front, aftermarket suspension is allowed, however it must bolt into the factory location as well. Since then, we ended up purchasing a '91 Z28 that we completely tore apart, and delivered to Bill Hickok of Hickok Race Cars in California City, California, where he's been assembling and fabricating the 25.2 chassis. In past issues, we've shown you the Chris Alston's Chassisworks FAB9 rearend build and install. This time around, we wanted to showcase the basics of a 'cage install with the '63, all the while updating you on the '91 Z28 chassis. We're proud to say that Bill has been keeping his welder busy in order to meet NHRA's strict chassis certification requirements and it's only a matter of time before we get our dedicated track machine onto the tarmac. —Henry D

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1. If you're looking to build a third-gen like ours, Chris Alston's Chassisworks offers a complete kit to transform your chassis into a 25.2 roller. Per NHRA requirements, the chrome-moly tubes feature a 15/8-inch diameter and 0.083-inch wall thickness.

Chris Alston Chassisworks Cage Entire Floor Removed 3/22

2. Compared to the 8.50-certified 'cage, the 25.2 is a lot more elaborate and requires the entire floor to be removed for the lower bars and trans tunnel. This is a single-rail design that'll eventually be covered with aluminum floors; however, we're placing steel floors underneath the driver seat to meet certification requirements. It's also good for wear and tear.

Chris Alston Chassisworks Cage Remove Entire 4/22

3. Our Chassisworks antiroll bar is a tubular spline piece featuring a 1.25x0.188-inch wall with steel endlink tubes.

Chris Alston Chassisworks Cage Antiroll Bar 5/22

4. The lower main crossbar connects the rear four-link.

Chris Alston Chassisworks Cage Lower Main Crossbar 6/22

5. Out back, the rear tree is a critical component to the chassis structure by housing the mounts for the shocks and the antiroll bar, and it also supports the chassis side four-link brackets. This area alone is what can make or break a chassis from being stable on the big end and producing consistent repeatable performance numbers on the track.

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