Torque Arm Suspension Systems - How It Works

Want killer handling for your muscle car? BMR’s torque arm suspension systems offer an interesting alternative to the common four-link upgrade

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Subframe Connectors

After installing a BMR Torque Arm Suspension system, subframe connectors are the next logical upgrade. Since the first-gen F-body features a unibody construction with a front subframe, there is a lot of chassis flex present. BMR offers both bolt-in and weld-in subframe connectors for these cars. Both designs tie the front subframe to the rear subframe, effectively creating a full-length framerail. Our bolt-in design is unique in that it tucks up into the rocker relief area, providing optimal ground clearance. It bolts to the front subframe at the body mount location, and to the rear subframe where three major structures of the unibody join together. The weld-in version goes through the floorpan, bolting to the front subframe and welding all the way back to the rear subframe. Both versions are provided with Delrin body mount bushings to replace the OE rubber bushings.

In Development

BMR is currently developing front coilover kits and control arms to complement its torque arm suspension systems. The coilover kit is designed to put more shock travel back into the suspension to work in concert with today’s lowered vehicle ride heights. Our coilover conversion comes with a template to clearance the OE subframe for a standard 21/2-inch coilover spring. The formed BMR coilover mounts will tie into the upper A-arm mount, allowing the coilover to protrude through the existing subframe and add 21/2 inches of shock travel. Similarly, BMR’s newly revised A-arms have modified ball joint locations that add 4 degrees of positive caster. Additionally, we are now supplying our upper A-arms with a taller ball joint as on option to improve the camber curve.

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Swap Components

BMR makes it easy to install practically any late-model LS-series engine and transmission into your ’67-69 F-body with our modular transmission crossmembers and motor mount adapters. We offer two different crossmembers that allow bolting a TH400, 4L80E, T56, TR6060, Powerglide, TH350, 700-R4, or 4L60E right in without any additional modifications. Furthermore, our modular motor mount adapters allow the user to install an LS-series motor into any vehicle that originally came equipped with a small- or big- block Chevy engine. There are three positions for optimizing motor location: OE position, 0.75-inch forward, and 0.75-inch rearward. This allows the user to fine-tune their motor location to address header or crossmember clearance issues, or for optimizing weight bias. CHP


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