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Installing Chris Alston’s Chassisworks’ Latest gStreet Suspension

Damon Rivetti Feb 21, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Last month, we installed Chris Alston’s Chassisworks’ gStreet suspension on the front of Pat McNeil’s clean ’69 Chevelle. Now we’re moving on to the rear suspension; this should make sure all 765 horses stay hooked up on the street and on the track.

Similar to the gStreet’s front suspension, the g-Link rear suspension package is a complete bolt-on system, with the upper and lower control arms, your choice of VariShock coilovers or air springs, spherical rearend bushings, control arm braces, and an antiroll bar. All you need to do is choose between the air spring or coilover shocks, select a spring rate, and decide between single- or double-adjustable VariShocks.

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Keeping the focus on straight-line performance, we went with the double-adjustable VariShock coilovers. When it came to the spring rate, Mike Saiki, from Motivational, went with the 200-lb/in VariSprings; this rate would offer the best weight transfer to the rear, all the while helping to keep the tires planted.

Getting 3,500 pounds moving is no easy feat so make sure you stayed tuned for round three, where we take the Chevelle through its paces and show you how well this suspension can perform at the dragstrip!

Available 12-inch VariSprings

Rate (lb/in) PN
110 VAS 21-12110
130 VAS 21-12130
150 VAS 21-12150
175 VAS 21-12175
200 VAS 21-12200
250 VAS 21-12250
300 VAS 21-12300
350 VAS 21-12350
400 VAS 21-12400

The Goods

PN Components
5823-A20 gStreet pivot ball upper control arms (pair)
5826-A10 gStreet pivot ball lower control arms (pair)
5825-A20-18-AU Rear g-Link antiroll bar (U-bolt mounts) 11/8-inch
5834-A10-HB ’68-72 A-body spherical axlehousing bushings
5824-A10 ’64-72 A-body rear coilover conversion


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