gStreet Suspension Install - Frontal Attack

Installing Chris Alston’s Chassisworks’ Latest gStreet Suspension

Damon Rivetti Jan 23, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Going fast and looking good are what most muscle car enthusiasts thrive for, and Pat McNeil’s ’69 Chevelle is a prime example. If you recall, we first featured his Butternut Yellow Chevelle a few years ago (“The Cow That Jumped Over the Moon,” Oct. ’09 issue). Since then, we’ve learned that he and Mike Saiki from Motivational have once again upped their game, this time with a more potent 496ci big-block that sings to the tune of 765 hp and 638 lb-ft of torque!

Obviously, this was the perfect opportunity to try out Chris Alston’s Chassisworks’ latest gStreet suspension. It’s a complete bolt-on system designed for A-bodies that allows you to configure your ride from a corner-carver to a dragstrip brawler with minimal changes. All you need to do is choose between the air-spring or coilover shocks, spring rates, and whether to go with the single- or double-adjustable VariShocks.

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We wanted to focus on straight-line antics, so to help transfer the newfound power we opted for the double-adjustable VariShock coilovers with the 2-inch drop spindles, which would help keep the chassis lower to the ground without sacrificing the factory geometry and suspension travel. When it came to the spring rate, Saiki swapped out the 600 lb/in for more drag race–friendly 450-lb/in VariSprings; this rate would offer the best weight transfer to the rear and help keep the tires planted.

For the time being, we’re focusing on the front components, but be sure to follow along next month as we complete the project. For round two, we’re planning to install the remainder of the gStreet suspension, including the upper and lower control arms, VariShock’s double-adjustable coilovers, spherical rearend bushings, upper braces, and antiroll bar.

The Goods
Part NumberComponents
5704-A10gStreet upper control arms (pair)
5706-A20gStreet lower control arms (pair)
VAS 508-103shock spacers, set of four
VAS 16XM1-425VariShock coilover, ball-stud upper, COM-8 base, 41/4-inch travel (option)
VAS 21-09XXXVariSpring coil spring, 9-inch length (option)
5711-A20-2Tdrop 2-inch and tall spindle
5914-A20-V8Billet V-8 mount, ’67-72 Chevelle A-body

Available Springs
Rate (lb/in)Part Number
450VAS 21-09450
500VAS 21-09500
550VAS 21-09550
600VAS 21-09600
675VAS 21-09675
750VAS 21-09750
850VAS 21-09850


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