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Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications - Field Work

Sean Haggai Jun 24, 2011
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We’re pleased to report that muscle cars aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s rather the opposite, and the aftermarket industry is flowing with new suspension goodies to support our favorite street cruisers. These days, anything is possible, and our project cars are doing it all with ease, thanks in part to a heavy dose of research and development—and dedication from you, the consumer.

If you’re anything like us, you carry an insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest undercarriage tweaking. With our recent and continued participation at local autocross events and open track days, laying out all the newest suspension components from our favorite industry leaders seemed like the perfect recipe. We’re excited to tell you no matter what model you prefer, whether you’re a hard-core corner carver or a heads-up drag racer, we’ve got it all here in the next few pages.

We’ve done the homework for you and compiled the top picks from nearly every suspension and full-frame manufacturer out there. From basic bolt-ons, fabricated subframes to wild full frame creations, there’s surely a system for your custom needs. We’ve made it easy to follow, too, included the applications, all the important specs, build types, and even what you might expect to pay.

Art Morrison Enterprises

chp 01 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Art 2/20

First-generation Camaros can now take advantage of AME’s GT-Sport rear clip. Choose between a triangulated four-bar or three-link design with a Watt’s linkage, both of which are made from mandrel-formed 2x4-inch tubing, designed to use the factory tank, and facilitate a 9-inch housing. The three-link resists wrap during acceleration and comes with adjustable coilover shocks. The triangulated four-link will improve traction and minimize body roll while also fitting under the stock trunk floor. Optional subframe connectors are available, as are complete third members and axles.



Where To Get It

866.558.1649 •

BMR Suspension

chp 02 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Bmr Suspension 3/20

Whether you’ve got a 10- or 12-bolt, or even a 9-inch rearend housing, BMR now offers Torque Arm suspension kits for drag race, autocross, or street-driven ’67-81 Camaros. Kits include a coilover conversion crossmember, adjustable spring platforms, and a Watt’s link with five vertical mounting positions; some packages include the Strange 9-inch rear axlehousing. Torque Arms also come with greasable, low-deflection polyurethane bushings that minimize noise vibration and harmonics. Kits are available in Red or Black Hammertone, with no charge for powdercoating. Complete front kits are also available.



Where To Get It

813.986.9302 •


chp 03 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Chassisworks 4/20

Chassisworks’ second-generation rear g-Bar and g-Link systems for ’70-81 Camaros represent the current state-of-the-art in canted four-bar suspension design. The g-Bar system is available in three combinations of upper and lower link bars, with a choice of coilover shocks or ShockWave air springs. These options create six variations to better suit your particular performance application. Each can be used with the existing unit or Chassisworks’ vehicle-specific bolt-in Fab9 housing. Upper and lower suspension link mounting brackets feature multiple positions to adjust chassis antisquat and optimize vehicle handling. Upper links are length-adjustable to set pinion angle and suspension preload if needed. The g-Link lower arms are also adjustable for wheelbase variations and precise housing alignment.


$1,840 & up

Where To Get It

888.388.0249 •

Classic Performance Products

chp 04 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Classi Performance Products 5/20

Get the full Pro Touring treatment for your ’64-74 A-, F-, or X-body with CPP’s complete front-to-rear suspension package in any trim. Each Stage I kit includes a 11/8-inch front and 1-inch rear sway bar, lowered coil springs, and gas shocks. Stage II kits consist of front and rear QA1 single-adjustable and control arms. Stage III kits include an upgraded master cylinder and 11-inch front and rear disc brakes, while Stage IV adds larger, 13-inch front with 12-inch rear disc brakes.


$1,500 & up

Where To Get It

800.522.5004 •

Detroit Speed, INC.

chp 05 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Detroit Speed 6/20

The Detroit Speed Chevy II suspension package will complete the transformation of your Chevy II into a Pro Touring street or track machine with its bolt-in replacement front subframe. The frame comes complete with tubular upper and lower control arms, Detroit Tuned coilover shocks and springs, and a Detroit Tuned power rack-and-pinion steering. The bay bars feature rigid integral hood hinge mounting and are hidden when used with DSE’s Chevy II Inner Fenders package. What’s more, SBC and LS engines are a direct bolt-in. Add in optional DSE deep tubs or a complete rear QuadraLink setup for uncompromised handling.


$5,900 & up

Where To Get It

704.662.3272 •


chp 06 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Edelbrock 7/20

Complete custom suspension kits for ’64-88 A-bodies in one box. Edelbrock takes all the guesswork out and includes lower trailing arms, adjustable upper arms, adjustable frame braces, springs, front and rear sway bars, its exclusive IAS shocks and tie-rod sleeves, plus all of the necessary hardware and installation instructions for a complete suspension overhaul. Edelbrock also offers each component individually.


$1,480 & up

Where To Get It

310.781.2222 •

Fatman Fabrications

chp 07 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Fatman Fabrications 8/20

Front suspension upgrade for ’67-69 Camaros, ’68-74 Novas, and ’64-72 Chevelles, most kits consist of tubular arms, G-Tech 2-inch drop spindles with improved roll center, and QA1 single-adjustable shocks. The front arms are constructed of 1x1.88-inch-wall tubing for maximum strength, while the billet steel upper control arm shafts are machined with an offset, which optimizes upper ball joint position to allow for aggressive alignment settings. They’re available in stock or narrowed widths for tire clearance.


$1,700 & up

Where To Get It

704.545.0369 •

Global West Suspension

chp 08 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Global West Communications 9/20

Global West’s complete coilover suspension package for ’58-64 Impalas includes front and rear adjustable coilover shocks, G-plus tubular upper and lower control arms, and springs. Specifically, the rear also gets an adjustable Panhard rod, tubular tri-angle shock mount supports, support mounting brackets, and an upper crossmember. Also included are the necessary hardware, a spanner wrench, and thrust bearings. Options include double-adjustable shocks, rear aluminum lower arms, rear frame crossmember supports, and fast ratio steering box.


Starts at $2,000 (front), $1,980 (rear)

Where To Get It

877.470.2975 •

Heidts Hot Rod and Muscle Car Parts

chp 09 Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Heidts 10/20

Heidts’ latest HP-IRS is a complete bolt-in package, bringing the superior ride and handling characteristics of an independent rear suspension to first- and second-gen Camaros, along with ’62-67 Nova owners. Packages include a 9-inch centersection with positraction, HD axles, and CV joints. The IRS also features tubular upper and lower arms, steel outer uprights, top crossmember, front pinion support, and 10.5-inch Wilwood brakes. Options include double-adjustable coilovers, parking brake kit, and choice of rearend gear ratios.


$8,000 & up

Where To Get It

800.841.8188 •

Hotchkis Sport Suspension

chp 10 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Hotchkis 11/20

Race Pack packages from Hotchkis Sport Suspension provide a tuned, balanced system for incredible handling for fifth-gen Camaros. Race Pack kits reduce subframe flex and wheelhop and deliver a sleek, lowered stance with a comfortable ride. Lowered 1-inch front and rear Sport Springs are high-tensile steel and paired with tubular front (1.25-inch) and adjustable rear (1-inch) sway bars. Hotchkis also includes three-piece endlinks with a lightweight strut tower brace (clears Magnuson superchargers) and unique aluminum brace. All components are made in the United States and come complete with greasable bushings and a durable powdercoat finish.



Where To Get It

888.735.6425 •

Hot Rods To Hell

chp 11 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Hot Rods To 12/20

The bolt-in front clip for first-gen Camaros allows for a lightweight subframe with enhanced structural rigidity through modular construction, which also allows each piece to be unbolted individually for ease of service. Tubular upper control arms pivot on 5/8-inch Heim joints and allow increased camber and caster adjustments; lower tubular arms are made from 11/4-inch DOM tubing. Drag race slips (as shown) are just 178 pounds and come standard with single-adjustable coilovers, Wilwood Pro spindles, 11-inch rotors, aluminum hubs, Dynalite calipers, and a manual rack. Road-race versions are also available and come with a splined sway bar, double-adjustable coilovers, and a 60-inch track width.


$4,600 & UP

Where To Get It

530.365.6561 •

Performance Online

chp 12 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Performance Online 13/20

Stage 3 front suspension kits for ’64-72 A-bodies from Performance Online include upper and lower tubular control arms, performance springs (5160 steel), and shocks—all in one kit. Control arms are constructed from 1020 DOM tubing to resist deflection, and extra caster is added for increased performance. Ball joints come installed as do lower control arm bushings and upper cross-shafts. Options include stock or 11/2-inch drop springs for small- or big-block applications.



Where To Get It

800.638.1703 •

Performance Suspension Technology

chp 13 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Performance Suspension Technology 14/20

Performance Suspension Technology’s complete bolt-on G-Max front and rear suspension kit is available for ’64-72 A-bodies. The front includes tubular control arms, hollow front sway bar, and steering linkage kit (idler arm, inner and outer tie-rod ends, centerlink, and adjusting sleeves). Rear components feature a three-way adjustable sway bar, billet aluminum lower trailing arms, steel adjustable upper arms, and adjustable trailing arm mount braces. Rounding out the package are Polygraphite body mount bushings, Bilstein shocks, high-performance lowering springs, and a complete high-strength stainless hardware kit.



Where To Get It

877.224.1701 •


chp 14 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Ridetech 15/20

Ridetech offers complete bolt-in suspension kits for street- or track-driven ’64-72 A-bodies. Front and rear components include StrongArm upper and lower tubular control arms, Musclebar sway bars, and geometry-corrected tall drop spindles for increased camber curve and a lower stance. The rear arms also feature new articulating and adjustable ends. Drop-in coilover shocks are standard for the front, while the rear gets a choice of nonadjustable, rebound-adjustable, triple-adjustable, or electronic-adjustable units.


$3,100 & UP

Where To Get It

812.481.4752 •

Roadster Shop

chp 15 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Roadster 16/20

The ’67-69 Camaro Fast Track chassis system from Roadster Shop features a fully boxed frame with 41/4x21/2-inch main rails to provide superior strength and a low profile while maintaining the factory floor and gas tank location. Front suspension allows for 10-inch-wide wheels and is designed around C6 spindles, hubs, and ball joints, which allow for easy caster and camber adjustments. Upper and lower control arm mounts are 4041 pre-hardened and include heavy-duty splined sway bars, along with billet aluminum steering arms for strength and weight reduction. Additionally, each chassis utilizes stock body and bumper mounts and core support locations. The center crossmember and mid-brace eliminates flex, mounts most transmissions, and will accommodate up to large 3-inch exhaust. The 9-inch rearend includes 31-spline axles and heavy-duty four-bar suspension with AFCO coilovers and fitment for a 12-inch wheel.


$15,500 & UP

Where To Get It

847.949.7637 •

Schwartz Performance

chp 16 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Swartz 17/20

Schwartz Performance chassis systems for first- and second-generation Camaros and ’64-72 A-bodies offer 200 percent more rigidity over the factory frames and utilize stock body mount locations, eliminating floor modifications. Chassis include mini-tubs, an adjustable transmission mount, power rack-and-pinion, and extensive crossbracing, and will accept either coilover shocks or RideTech’s ShockWaves. Front components include greasable upper and lower control arms, spindles, and steering arms with your choice of 13- or 14-inch brake kits. Full roller packages come with a triangulated four-link rear; full floating 9-inch, 31-spline axles; and a choice of Baer or Wilwood 13-inch rotors, with four- or six-piston calipers.


$8,500 & UP

Where To Get It

815.206.2230 •

Speedtech Performance

chp 17 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Speedtech Performance 18/20

For a full upgrade of the stock ’70-81 Camaro front subframe for increased camber gain, quicker steering, and ability to run 17-inch wheels with up to 6 inches of backspace, Street Fighter kits incorporate a specifically designed, high-clearance tubular upper and lower control arm (installed stainless steel cross-shafts), and convert shocks to a true coilover system. Also included are AFX tall forged spindles with GM, C5/C6 hubs, a tubular sway bar, and specially designed steering arms. Steering is also upgraded with an ATS 670 12.7:1 box, a rag joint coupler, and all-new linkage. Options include C5 or C6 brakes, billet ball joint covers, and billet body mounts.


$5,000 & UP

Where To Get It

888.467.1625 •

Total Cost Involved Engineering

chp 18 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Total Cost Involved 19/20

Total Cost Involved Engineering offers a complete bolt-on Rear Torque Arm suspension for ’62-67 Novas, featuring coilover shocks, 11/4-inch high-performance bars, adjustable pinion support tubes with rod ends and tabs, including axlehousing brackets with torque arm tabs. Rear packages incorporate a 1-inch adjustable Panhard bar, 11/4-inch arms with stainless adjusters, bolt-on trailing arm channel brackets, and a driveshaft loop. Each kit also comes with reinforcing plates, provides ample clearance for 3-inch exhaust, and includes detailed instructions for the do-it-yourself wrencher.



Where To Get It

866.925.1101 •

UMI Performance

chp 19 O  Proven Suspension Systems For All Applications Umi Performance 20/20

Complete handling kits for ’64-67 A-bodies are packaged with everything you’ll need to replace the entire factory suspension. Included are upper and lower front A-arms with Delrin bushings and zinc-plated chromoly cross-shafts, and a 11/4-inch solid 4140 chromoly steel sway bar. The rear gets a set of tubular upper and lower control arms with polyurethane bushings, new rearend housing bushings, tubular frame braces, and 1-inch solid sway bar. Complete kits also include heavy-duty new endlinks, Bilstein HD shocks, 1-inch lowering springs, and hardware. Options include greasable Delrin bushings for lower A-arms, boxed rear control arms with adjustability, and combination bushings.


$2,070 & up

Where To Get It

814.343.6315 •



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