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Sean Haggai May 16, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Whether you’re doing an engine swap or just plain need to clean up the engine bay, there’s nothing like a classy mounting system to make an ordinary accessory stand out. Take our ’72 Project Nova, for instance; it was in desperate need of a newer, more modern mounting solution for the power steering pump and reservoir.

Initially, as we were putting the car together, we grabbed a simple universal stamped-steel bracket system to get us by. And it worked. However, as we continued to modify the engine with upgrades, even adding a supercharger with additional pulleys, the brackets began to weaken. It was difficult to line up the belts, which consisted of three separate brackets, and it was also challenging to assemble. It seemed as though with each removal and install, the belts repositioned again, causing twice the work. Our final install of the old power steering brackets had the power steering belt running directly into the water pump belts.

To satisfy our front accessories and remedy the belt issues, we turned to Summit Racing and its Correct-Align polished aluminum power steering bracket (PN SUM-340100) for small-blocks. This small, yet potent, billet bracket provides a solid mounting point for the power steering pump and offers front-to-back adjustability up to 3/4 inch to compensate for short or long water pumps, dampers, and machining tolerances. The best part is that it’ll bolt directly to the block, which makes the install no more than threading a couple of the included fasteners.

While our small-block was out for a new top end, it served as the perfect time to add our new mounting system from Summit. Using minimal tools, we had the new bracket mounted and ready for the belt in less than an hour. We not only achieved our goal for a more efficient bracket, but simplified the look of the engine bay, too.


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