Big B-Body Handling Upgrades - Rollin’ The Biscuit

Demonstrable Ride and Handling Upgrades for the Big B-Body

Ro McGonegal May 2, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Adjustable VTC-50 antisquat brackets receive the leading end of the upper control arm. They change the geometry in the rear, increasing or decreasing the amount of downforce at the back tires. As part of the package, Global West built specific linear rate coil springs that lower the car 1 inch. Since the engine is all-aluminum, we opted for small-block S-68 at front and S-88 at the rear. Finally, the PHC-50K adjustable Panhard rod that centers and confirms lateral location of the axlehousing, has multihole brackets, and quells rearend instability around turns and over bumps. The relocation rod also imparts a high degree of torsional stability to the framerails.

We had neither space nor the proper telemetry equipment to produce any kind of empirical data, so this is a seat-of-your-jeans take, a report based on driving thousands of new and modified cars. Did it on the street. Did it on an unoccupied thoroughfare with a series of switchbacks, damn difficult to find in Florida. The ride is firm (QA1’s set at three front and rear) but fluid. I can actually feel the front tires through the steering, a facet that was vague at best prior to the changes.

Surprise. The Biscayne’s weight distribution is 49/51, undoubtedly a product of its enormous rear overhang, big glass, rear-mount battery, and all-aluminum engine up front that weighs less than an iron small-block. People kill for numbers like this and the car’s handling demeanor is quite neutral. No amount of tomfoolery would call the back end around; although, anything better than a 6/10s effort would probably pendulum the rear of the car easily. Although Global has a rear-mount antisway bar (not attached to the lower control arm) for this conversion, it was deemed unnecessary.

We made some very stupid maneuvers in an effort to upset the cart but got squat in return. Judging by the feel of the car, the bar would be superfluous. The biggest sensation is felt at the rearend. The adjustable Panhard brace and bar really tie the car together. Bumpsteer has been distilled down to nothing. The Biscayne now feels like a modern car, quite the equal of high-zoot, American, Euro, or Asian counterpart. As a matter of fact, BMW dudes despise our big, white junk. It floors them. It brow-beats them. It makes people stay up at night.

Component Weight (In Pounds)
OEM Global West
Upper front control arm: 9.5 9.5
Lower front control arm: 11.0 13.0
Strut bar: 5.5 5.5
Coil spring: 9.0 10.5

Wheel Alignment Specs
OE Global West
Caster 1/4 degree pos. Driver side: 4 degrees pos.; pass. side: 4.5 degrees pos.
Camber 1/4 degree pos. Driver side: 0.5 degree neg.; pass. side: 0.5 degree neg.
Toe-In 1/8 to 1/4 inch 0.10 degree pos.




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