2002 Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 Coilover and Sway Bar Install - Confidence Inspiring

Installing LG Motorsports’ GT2 Coilover and G1 Sway Bar Package onto our C5 Z06

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Getting Scaled

From the beginning, we scaled our Z to get a better idea of just how it sat from the factory. Truth be told, it was impressive, weighing in at 3,148 pounds with a full tank of fuel and showed our crossweight percentage at 50 percent. Once everything was installed, we weighed the car again, revealing identical 3,148 numbers. We had no idea whether to expect a significant increase or decrease, but we certainly didn’t see that coming. After probing into this, we learned that the GT2 coilover assembly actually removed 13.4 pounds from the chassis; however, the G1 sway bars are slightly heavier over the factory counterpart due to their size, putting us right back to our factory weight. What we did see was a change in the weight distribution, with the rear ending up around 5 pounds lighter, changing the crossweight percentage to 49.3. Our goal was to meet the original 50 percent, only this time with the driver inside. To do this, we disconnected the rear G1 sway bar and ended up altering the ride height slightly from the front passenger side coilover. We’ll have a better idea of how the chassis will react on the road course, but for the time being, this would allow us to compare the results with our original baseline numbers.

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The Results

The end product was well worth it and certainly validated. For our 420-foot slalom course, we bested our previous numbers by 0.11, running a best of 5.68 at 51 mph over the 5.79 at 49-mph baseline. Keep in mind; we’re going quicker, maneuvering the car through cones all the while gaining speed. On a road course application, and depending on the length of the track, these numbers can quickly add up to secondswhich is huge under competition conditions. The biggest difference was consistency. During previous testing, it would take several laps to procure good numbers, whereas this time, shy of scrubbing the cones, every run besting our previous outing.

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When it came to the shock settings, we initially placed them at 6/6, front/rear, but by the end of the day, we set them at 8/7, front/rear, for our final results. Even on the street, these settings seemed to work well for us. Firm? Slightly, but it’s still compliant under rough road conditions and comfortable enough for any road trip. And for those looking for a softer ride, a few turns of the shock settings and you’re good to go; it’s really that easy.

Stock Slalom (On Nitto NT05 tires) 5.89

LGM Modified 5.68


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