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Chevrolet Camaro Weight Shaving - Purging The Pounds

The Purp Gets Strip-Searched And Put On A Diet As We Prepare It For The Next Round Of Safety Upgrades

Justin Cesler Nov 18, 2010
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If you haven't already identified The Purp, let's take a moment to get you up to speed. Last month ("Beginners Luck," November '10), we introduced our new stock suspension drag radial project to the world and we followed along with Matt LaRue and Troy Pirez Jr., of ProFab Performance, as they tore into the engine bay of our Camaro, shedding all of the heavy stock pieces and replacing them with BMR's killer lightweight front end package. Thanks to BMR, Flaming River, and the crew at Strange Engineering, we were also able to ditch the heavy factory brakes, converting the front of our project car to manual, lightweight discs. As we got deeper into the engine bay and we saw the weight coming off, it's safe to say we got addicted to the idea of building a lightweight chassis. With over 114 pounds off the nose of our Camaro, we vowed to keep the theme going for the rest of the build.

gmhtp_01_o Chevrolet_camaro_weight_shaving The_purp 2/29

This month, we are tearing into the interior, with the intention of ditching anything deemed "nonessential" to going fast in a straight line. Again, with the help of successful race car builder Matt LaRue, we formulated a plan and over the course of a hot, sweaty afternoon in Florida, we took our Camaro from stock to svelte. To do this, we removed a lot of items that you wouldn't necessarily want to pull from your street car, but for our purposes (drag racing) we feel that the loss of creature comforts and factory weight are well worth the advantage on the starting line. This meant we stripped the factory carpet, sound deadening, seats, dash, heater core, radio, HVAC controls, center console, shifter, e-brake handle, both passenger and driver airbags, and the factory steering wheel. While it may seem extreme to some, our intentions are to run as quickly as possible with our LME-built 451 cubic-inch LSX and do so in a reliable, repeatable, and safe chassis.

Whether you are building a race car from scratch-like us-or just looking to shave a couple of pounds from your weekend warrior, there is something in this portion of the build for everyone. So, check out the next couple of pages and watch Matt LaRue of ProFab Performance take The Purp to the next level and make sure you check back next month for the completion of our rollcage and chassis upgrades.


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