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Project True 10.5 Gets A Bulletproof FAB9 Rearend

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Whatever your high-performance rearend needs, we're pretty fortunate today to have such a wide selection. And while there are plenty of stout 10- and 12-bolt setups getting quick cars down the quarter-mile, there may come a time when you'll need to step up to a 9-inch assembly. That time has come for our True 10.5 Camaro; it's a perfect candidate for this type of upgrade.

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You can forget about all the Blue Oval connotations from the Bow Tie purists, because these days, the famed 9-inch setups are manufactured with all-new components and are far superior over the factory castings. We're talking first-rate materials with a custom-built FAB9 housing from Chris Alston's Chassisworks. And to complement the fabricated housing, we're planning to add robust internals with a full-floater assembly, gun-drilled 40-spline axles, centersection, and brakes from Strange Engineering.

The one thing you need to understand when ordering up a FAB9 housing is that precise measurements are your number-one priority. You're going to see us reiterate that a lot, but even so, we can't say it enough. Fortunately for us, our chassis guru Bill Hickok of Hickok Race Cars is well versed with Chassisworks' detail-oriented worksheet. His experience allowed us to take all the correct measurements and fill out the worksheet rather quickly. It's worth mentioning that once you've entered your dimensions, you do have to sign for it, acknowledging that you're taking full responsibility for the information supplied. That's right, once they build it to your specs, you're completely responsible for it.

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But what happens after you fax in your paperwork? Let's just say quite a bit of machining, welding, and even more measuring. Don't take our word for it; follow along as we show you the incredible amount of work that goes into building a FAB9 rearend-it's sure to open your eyes and give you a whole new level of appreciation, especially for something we can simply order over the phone for our dragstrip terrors.

Quick Notes
What Is It

The toughest 9-inch rearend we've ever seen

The Final Word
Measurements are vital, so check twice and get it right

Price (Approx)
Avenger 4-Link FAB9 start at $1,789; other FAB9s as low as $459


Strange Engineering
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Chris Alston's Chassisworks
Sacramento, CA 95828
Hickok Race Cars
California City, CA




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