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Classic Performance Products Suspension Install On Chevrolet Nova - Heavy Machinery Part 1

All-Purpose Nova Suspension Tuned For The Track Or Street

Sean Haggai Jun 3, 2010
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It's been about two years now, and our lethargic grandma six-banger Nova has been almost completely transformed into a heavyweight street fighter. Yes, it's still ugly, but we made quick work of our blue beauty, swapping out the less-than-impressive engine and transmission, lest we pop the hood and suffer being chastised by fellow enthusiasts. Originally, our intentions were for straight-line performance, not necessarily all-out handling. Out came the tractor engine and Powerglide. In its place went a slightly used small-block along with some boost complements: Weiand's 142 supercharger and a used Turbo 350 automatic transmission.

chp_01_o Classic_performance_products_suspension_chevrolet_nova Lift 2/17

After the powertrain was situated we moved on to creating a real driver's car-one with more roadworthy characteristics-turning to Classic Performance Products of Placentia, California, who are well versed with Novas and their ability to blaze through corners. To begin, CPP swapped in its large 11/8-inch-diameter front sway bar and 7/8-inch-diameter rear bar. The shocks were replaced with Bilstein units from CPP. Later, the manual front drums were swapped in favor of their power disc brake assemblies, including forged 2-inch drop spindles loaded with 11-inch disc brakes and a power brake booster. The rear was restored with a rebuild drum package and lowering rear leaf kit.

Our initial testing revealed a nice surprise. The Nova remained somewhat flat through the slalom and manageable during repeated 60-0 braking. Still, performance was marginal at best-definitely room for improvement. For this install, we've landed all new upper and lower tubular control arms, a big-brake kit for the front and rear, and all new adjustable QA1 coilovers for the front and shocks out back-all from CPP.

At CPP's headquarters, Craig Chaffers shredded into the underguts of the front suspension to create a sled with more tunability and serious braking power. Don't worry, we'll have the full test numbers, including slalom, skidpad, and braking in a future issue. In the meantime we've made plans to attend a majority of the Goodguys autocross events on the West Coast. Follow along as we show how it was done and what makes CPP's components a cut above the rest.

Armed Arsenal
Supplying the suspension with strength was left to CPP's upper and lower tubular A-arms; the added rigidity means less flex, which translates into a much nimbler vehicle that's easy to predict and control. The lower control arms feature a helical stamped coil mount with an integral shock mount. The upper control arms are preassembled on new billet chromoly 4130 cross-shafts and pivot sleeves. CPP has also created a safety feature in the interlocking shaft and sleeve design, which prevents the bolts from working loose, even under severe stress created by hard cornering. The arms also feature exclusive pivot bushings with a patented self-lubricating plastic that will not squeak or break, and will work in temperatures of over 400 degrees.

QA1 Coilover Assembly
The key to any all-purpose street-burner like our Nova project is adjustability. Coilovers allow us to fine-tune the suspension in a moment's notice; as track conditions change and as the Nova evolves with different components, it will enable us to make quick adjustments to things like ride height and shock valving accordingly. CPP's QA1 kit (PN GMP13) includes a set of conical springs designed so that the lower end sits on the coilover shock and the upper end sits in the original spring bucket of the frame. This allows for the use of a longer and lighter spring for more stored energy, offering increased weight transfer. Greater durability is also achieved by locating the spring pressure in the frame and not on a single stud. The threaded aluminum body allows ride height adjustment and boasts an easy bolt-in installation. The system includes Promo Star coilover shocks, specially designed conical springs, and all mounting hardware.

chp_09_o Classic_performance_products_suspension_chevrolet_nova Coils 5/17

Drop Spindles
For that hard-hitting stance, we also installed a new set of 2-inch forged drop spindles (PN CP3100). Its unique design lowers your ride 2 inches and allows the use of the stock steering arm with the factory 11-inch single-piston disc brakes. Also, it's the only drop spindle on the market designed to work with CPP's 12- or 13-inch big brake kits without modifying the spindle. The spindle is 1045 forged alloy steel, precision-ground and machined to perfection. Note: The factory disc brake bracket requires minor modification to eliminate the dust shields and will not work with drum brakes. We should also mention that this will work with most 15-inch disc brake wheels that do not exceed a 4-inch backspace.

chp_10_o Classic_performance_products_suspension_chevrolet_nova Drop_spindles 6/17

Big Brake Kit
CPP not only prides itself in providing great all-in-one suspension packages but has also introduced its own line of 13-inch front big brake kits. For this build, we went ahead with the front and rear system (PN 6874FRBKBB) as a complete package. The 13-inch front system uses a 13-inch cross-drilled, gas-slotted, and zinc-washed rotor, all mounted to a 2024 T6 billet aluminum CNC-machined anodized hub and a PBR C15 caliper. It all attaches to the spindle with a pair of custom CPP caliper mounting brackets. PBR C15 calipers have twin 52mm pistons and a larger brake pad surface area that offers about 60 percent more stopping power in the caliper than the popular C5 caliper-at half the cost! All kits come complete and include the calipers, hoses, bearings, seals, mounting brackets, and hardware. You also get the option of purchasing the front and rear systems individually. If you opt for this system, the big brake kits do require 17-inch wheels. (CPP offers easy-to-use wheel templates upon request.)

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Quick Notes

What We Did

Completely revived the frontend of our Nova with CPP tubular upper and lower arms, 2-inch drop spindles, coilover shocks, and 13-inch clampers

Bottom Line

We can brake deeper and turn harder

Cost (Approx)


Front/Rear CPP Complete Big Brake Kit 6874FRBKBB $1,498
2-Inch Drop Spindles CP30100 225
Tubular Upper/Lower A-Arms 6774TCAULKB 773
Custom Aluminum Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves ES350SPAB 69
Tie Rods (2) ES381R 42
QA1 Pro Coil Single Adjustable Coil Over Conversion System GMP14 479
QA1 Stocker Star Single Adjustable Stock Mount Rear Shocks (2) TC1661P 318
Spanner Wrench (required for pro coil kit) 7888-110 49
Coil Over Washer Kit with needle bearings 7888-109 NA
TOTAL $3,453


Classic Performance Products
Placentia, CA 92870



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