Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Upgrade - Stiff Upper Lip

Second Chance For The Street With New PST Suspension Components

Sean Haggai Feb 16, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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With the recent, explosive rise in popularity of second-gen Camaros, now is the time to build one. It's hard to go around any corner without seeing these gems in action; be it on any number of message forums to local drag race websites. The good news is, they're still relatively affordable and perform well right out of the box. Yet as nice as they are, we're fortunate to have a plethora of aftermarket companies that offer products for them, including Performance Suspension Technology (PST). If you didn't already know it, they offer off-the-shelf suspension components that are ready to be bolted in, the minute you take them out of the box.

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The owner of this Camaro has an iron-headed big-block that's just waiting to be dropped in with the full intention of transforming it into a street terror with the occasional grudge night races at the local track. In order to prep it, our initial once-over revealed that the entire suspension was shot and in no condition to handle the power whatsoever.

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After some debate on the direction to go, we called PST, who got us in touch with everything we needed to make this big-block Camaro worthy. PST suggested their line of rear 11/2-inch multi-leaf lowering springs for the rear with their 2-inch drop springs up front, which are suited for the added weight of a big-block. At the same time, we opted to replace the front subframe bushings with PST's polyurethane units and all new hardware. This would provide a completely new foundation to work with and more importantly, this would allow the owner to safely harness the power to the ground as it rips through the quarter-mile.

Getting the job done, we headed back to Lou's Performance in Sun Valley, California. While this job can be completed in the comfort of any home garage, it's hard to shy away from a lift, especially when it's available. Needless to say, Lou's team made quick work of the suspension components in a day's outing and showed just how easy it was to modernize this rubber-bumper chassis.

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Quick Notes

What We Did
Swaped the rear leaves, added big-block drop springs up front, and installed new polyurethane body bushings

Bottom Line
This chassis is ready for a big-block upgrade

Cost (Approx)

PST 2-inch big-block drop springs with 11/2-inch rear lowering leaf springs (package set) $599
Polyurethane front subframe bushings 95
KYB shocks (set of 4) 179
TOTAL $873




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