Chevy Chevelle & Corvette Suspension Guide - Suspension Hunter Part II

A Guide To Bolt-On Chevelle, Corvette & G-Body Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Apr 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Speed Tech Performance

'68-72 A-body

Speed Tech gets right down to business by including their tubular upper (stainless steel cross shafts) and lower control arms. QA1 GMP single adjustable coilovers are also included for small- or big-block applications with front 11/4-inch and 1-inch rear sway bars. The rear gets a complete coilover conversion, which includes Delrin bushings for the Articu-link trailing arms. Kits come with mounting brackets and hardware. Options include QA1 double adjustable coilovers, billet aluminum ball-joint caps and forged tall or standard height spindles with Corvette hubs. Note: '64-67 complete packages available soon.

Cost $3,699

Where To Get It

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BMR Fabrication

'64-72 A-body

Street/Track-Duty (Level1-2)
BMR offers a level 1 and 2 handling package for both generations of Chevelles. BMR's level 1 package includes 1-inch drop springs all around (520 lb/in. front, and 200 lb/in. rear), which are wound from high tensile strength chrome-silicon-vanadium steel. Bilstein shocks are also included. Heavy-duty front (1.25-inch) and rear (1-inch) sway bars come with Polyurethane bushings, endlinks and Grade-8 hardware. Upgrading to Level 2 consists of adding upper and lower front control arms which are MIG-welded and assembled with low deflection, internally fluted polyurethane bushings. Level 2 also comes with upper and lower arms and a reinforcement brace for the rear (see drag-duty).

Cost $949 & Up

BMR's A-body suspension kit is a drag-racers dream and it was developed to plant the rear. Main components consist of upper and lower rear control arms, reinforcement braces, sway bars, and single adjustable Strange rear shocks. Upper arms can be adjusted individually up to11/8-inch for pinion angles and come assembled with QA1 spherical bearings. Lower arms are boxed from 1.5x3.0-inch rectangular steel tubing. Control arm reinforcement braces add stiffness by tying the upper and lower arms together. Endlinks with the supplied 1.375-inch sway bar are adjustable to allow for additional pre-load. Grade-8 mounting and hardware is also included.

Cost $1,329

Where To Get It

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Detroit Speed

'64-72 A-body

Street-Duty (Speed kit 1-2)
While all of DSE's Speed-kits are streetable, Speed kit 1 and 2 is designed to bring your Chevelle into the 21st century by improving ride, handling, and camber/caster correction. Speed kit 1 includes tubular upper and lower arms, DSE forged 2-inch drop spindles and coil springs (increased spring rate) and Koni classic shocks. DSE also supplies a tubular sway bar as well. Upgrading to Speed kit 2 takes it to the next level by adding coilover shocks and springs that provide ride height adjustment. Sway bars can be upgraded to a splined version for additional cost. DSE's rear coilover kit is of course bolt-in and comes with everything you'll need, including adjustable tubular control arms. Note: Specify engine application.

Cost$2,315 (front), $960 (rear) & UP

Track-Duty (Speed kit 3)
Stepping up to DSE's Speed kit 3 will provide you with the ultimate performance package. Speed kit 3 incorporates the splined front sway bar, DSE 600 steering gear with rag joint, aluminum body shock absorbers with DSE tuned valving and coilover springs. DSE tubular tie-rod adjusters and inner and outer tie-rod arms with idler arm are also included. For the rear, DSE provides their complete bolt-in coilover kit with brackets and hardware. A Ceramic finished 600 steering gear is an upgradeable option at an additional cost. Note: Specify engine application.

Cost $3,982 (front), $2,345 (rear) & Up

Where To Get It

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'64-72 A-body

Edelbrock's Pro Touring kit has everything you need for your A- or G-body muscle car. Since these kits arrive in one complete package, there's no guesswork-just bolt in and go. Up front, Edelbrock's all-inclusive kits come with front and rear sway bars along with coil springs and tie-rods sleeves. The kits also include lower trailing arms, adjustable upper arms, adjustable framebraces for the rear. Edelbrock's exclusive IAS shocks are also included for all four corners.

Cost $1,482 & UP

Where To Get It

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