Chevy Chevelle & Corvette Suspension Guide - Suspension Hunter Part II

A Guide To Bolt-On Chevelle, Corvette & G-Body Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Apr 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Performance Online


'64-88 A/G-body

Street-Duty (Stage II)
An affordable option to getting a solid bang for your buck is Performance Online's (POL) complete front to rear kit. POL's kit comes with front and rear coils that can be ordered from stock to 11/2 inches of drop in the front to as much as 3 inches in the rear. Zinc-plated sway bars are also included as well as Nitro Slammer shocks for all four corners. Packages include all the sway bar mounting hardware and instructions.

Cost $599

Where To Get It

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'64-77 A-body, '78-87 G-body

PST matched their already available super front end kit (available separate if necessary), which included Polygraphite bushings, idler arm, and tie-rod ends and hardware and created a MEGA system. The MEGA system consists of their lightweight tubular front and rear solid sway bar and Catapult rear trailing arms with a set of KYB shocks. Optional items include tubular front upper control arms and drop spindles with center-link. Heavy duty big-block springs are also optional.

Cost $1,599

Corvette (C1-6)

Not leaving out the 'Vettes PST offers a full line of bolt-on front to rear replacement suspension packages to update their current platform. PST's packages will include front end components like tie rods, idler arms along with G-Max sway bars and Ground-Zero coil and leaf springs. KYB shocks are also included. Of course, PST's famous Polygraphite bushings are designed with near-zero deflection to create a superior handling 'Vette.

Cost $1,399

Where To Get It

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'64-72 A-body

Street-Duty (Level 1)
If a lower stance and updated ride is all you are after, RideTech's level 1 package can deliver. RideTech's simple bolt-on system relocates the shocks to the outside of the factory control arms. It comes with air springs and complete with brackets and hardware. A 3-gallon compressor system will also independently adjust height on all four corners. Analog gauges and electric switches are also included.

Cost $2,200

Track-Duty (Level 2-3)
RideTech's Level 2 package will increase suspension tunability and ride by adding their ShockWave system. It includes their Strongarm tubular upper and lower A-arms as well as adjustable shock valving while the rear gets Strongarm upper and lower control arms. Increased air control is provided by a larger 5-gallon tank with four-way adjustability. Level 3 kits up the ante with even more precision by adding dual-adjustable front and rear shocks, front and rear sway bars, tie-rod adjusters, and a remote control with memory ride height settings.

Cost $4,300 & Up

Where To Get It

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