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A Guide To Bolt-On Camaro & Nova Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Speed Tech Performance

'67-69 Camaro

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Track Duty
Speed Tech's ultimate Track Time suspension kit incorporates a full front bolt-in subframe and rear torque arm setup. The front is a true coilover combination with direct bolt-on tubular control arms, power rack-and-pinion steering, and a fully adjustable transmission crossmember to fit T56 and Tremec TKO transmissions. The rear features an articu-link lower control arm, adjustable Panhard bar, ride height, pinion angle and wheelbase, plus QA1s. A full Strange rearend in your choice of width with 31-spline Pro Street Axles is also included.

COST: $9,900

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Generation 1-4 Camaro

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Street Duty (Level 1-3)
RideTech offers nearly any complete kit to outfit your Camaro with its suspension. Their entry Level 1 kit comes with bolt-in front and rear components which includes their ShockWaves and a four-link to replace the first-gen leaf springs. Stepping up to their Level 2 and 3 packages provides even more tuneability with upgraded tubular upper and lower control arms, a digital controller for ride height, and their splined Muscle Bar.

COST: $2,000 & UP

'62-67, '68-74 Nova

Street Duty (Level 1-3)
As part of the first- and second-generation Novas, RideTech also makes a complete line of front to rear suspension packages. For the front, they supply all the hardware and brackets to ensure accurate mounting, and a complete bolt-in rear four-link to replace the leaf spring setup. Upgrading to their Level 3 package includes sway bars, digital controls, and even remotes to control ride height.

COST: $3,900 & UP

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