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A Guide To Bolt-On Camaro & Nova Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)


'67-69, '70-81 Camaro

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Street/Track Duty
While PST offers nearly all you need for a full rebuild of the front or rear suspension, their Level 5 package is that and more. PST's Performance Matched Mega System includes AFX forged aluminum spindles which allows for direct bolt-on C5/C6 brakes, a polygraphite super front end kit (bushings, tie rods, etc.), a set of KYB shocks, Ground Zero front coils, and a Ground Zero multi-leaf springs with polygraphite bushings. Tubular upper and lower control arms are optional as well as the centerlink and pitman arm. Note: Mention small- or big-block for optional upgraded springs.

COST: $2,000 & UP

Where To Get It


'10 Camaro

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Street Duty
Starting off with an all new design, Pfadt's team wanted to lower the overall stance of the new Camaro all the while still being able to provide the driver with a firm but comfortable ride with reduced body roll. Their sport package comes with adjustable sway bars, while their drop spring will provide between 1 and 1.25 inches of lowering.

COST: $800

Track Duty
Upgrading to the more advanced pro suspension package, Pfadt offers coilovers with 16-way adjustability for damping and over 3 inches of ride height flexibility. Their front coilovers feature an inverted strut design, maximizing strength with refined handling. Also included are adjustable 3-piece sway bars with adjustable endlinks. Pfadt also replaces all of the solid spherical bearings with mono-ball joints. 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized motor mounts are also included as well as Pfadt's camber kit that allows for an extra degree of negative camber over the factory setup.

COST: $5,950

Drag Duty
For those trips to the dragstrip, Pfadt has taken their track package (pro suspension) and added two additional key elements to create a solid drag racing combination. Along with the inverted coilovers, race sway bars, and solid spherical bearings for the control arms, Pfadt has also provides differential bushings and solid subframe mounts. The polyurethane bushings will control unwanted flex and respond with better feedback. Poly bushings will also minimize deflection in your alignment and the lightweight aluminum sleeves are hard-anodized for longevity.

COST: $4,190

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