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A Guide To Bolt-On Camaro & Nova Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Classic Performance Products

'62-67 Nova

1003chp_04_o Chevy_camaro_nova_bolt_on_suspension_packages Upper_tublar_control_arms 2/18

Street/Track Duty (Stage 1-2)
At the heart of this innovative package is the MINI sub-frame kit with its 1/4-inch steel crossmember that bolts to the chassis in place of the factory strut rod mounts. It eliminates the factory strut rods, adding stability with improved steering response and over 2 inches of ground clearance. The first stage kit will also include upper tubular control arms, coil springs, shocks, spring perches, front and rear sway bars and rear traction bars. Stage two kits will add coilovers at an additional cost.

COST: $1,549 & UP

'67-69, '70-81 Camaro, '68-74 Nova

Street/Track Duty (Stage 1-2)
To begin, first- and second-generation Camaros as well as second-generation Novas will benefit from CPP's 500 series steering box. It features a 14:1 steering ratio and it's a direct bolt-in replacement. For the suspension pieces CPP adds upper and lower tubular control arms, front springs, front shocks, including front and rear sway bars with the addition of traction bars. Stepping up CPP's Stage 2 package will also add front coilovers for an additional cost.

COST: $1,899 & UP

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'93-02 Camaro

1003chp_05_o Chevy_camaro_nova_bolt_on_suspension_packages Edelbrock_suspension_kit 3/18

Street/Track Duty Edelbrock has taken a lot of time to create an all-inclusive Camaro suspension kit. It includes lower trailing arms, adjustable Panhard rods, adjustable torque arms, relocation brackets, springs, front and rear sway bars, and exclusive IAS shocks, subframe connectors, plus all of the necessary hardware and installation instructions.

COST: $2,000

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