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A Guide To Bolt-On Camaro & Nova Suspension Packages

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

BMR Fabrication

'93-02 Camaro

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Street Duty
The BMR Level 1 package includes front and rear 1.25-inch drop springs (front 550 lb/in, rear 160 lb/in). The front sway bar is hollow and cold-formed from 1.375-inch tubing while the rear is also hollow and comes cold-formed from 1-inch DOM tubing. Both are provided with polyurethane bushings, endlinks, and Grade 8 mounting hardware. BMR relies on Tokico HP Series front struts and rear shocks with a rising rate, self-adjusting monotube design feature. Also in the package is a double-adjustable Panhard rod with greaseable fluted polyurethane bushings and TIG welded construction. Bolt-in control arm relocation brackets are also included for increased anti-squat characteristics and optimized suspension geometry.

COST: $1,140

Track Duty
BMR's Level 2 package consists of the same components from the Level 1 package. However, a weld-in 2x2-inch boxed-tube subframe connector with encapsulated rear control arm reinforces the back end. Tubular strut tower braces are designed to minimize tower deflection for aggressive driving. A pair of 1/4-inch heavy-duty mounting plates are made from DOM tubing and laser-cut for the towers. A driveshaft tunnel brace is designed to tie both floorpans together and minimize torsional floorpan flex.

COST: $1,420

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'67-69 Camaro and '68-74 Nova

1003chp_19_o Chevy_camaro_nova_bolt_on_suspension_packages Coilover_front_suspension 3/18

Street Duty
G-Street system includes coilover front suspension, Chassisworks quick-ratio steering box, front antiroll bar, billet-sleeve tie-rod assemblies, g-Bar coilover rear suspension system with factory rearend housing.

Cost: $4,300 & UP

Track Duty
This system includes a g-Machine bolt-on subframe system, double A-arm coilover suspension with rack-and-pinion steering, g-Link coilover rear suspension with FAB 9 rearend housing conversion, and bolt-on subframe connectors. Note: This is a high-end system designed with numerous component and suspension tuning options.

COST: $8,000 & UP (less brakes)

'62-67 Nova II

Track Duty
This package includes g-Machine bolt-on front clip system, double A-arm coilover suspension with rack-and-pinion steering, a bolt-in FAB 9 rearend housing conversion with double adjustable rear antiroll bar, and VariShock adjustable shock absorbers.

COST: $5,400 & UP

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