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S&W Racecars Gives Fourth-Gens The Traction They Need For Big Wheelstands

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Have you ever seen an NHRA Stock Eliminator fourth-gen practically laying it on the bumper and wondered-how is this possible?

Give S&W Racecars a call, they will show you how it's done. The Spring City, PA, fabricators make a wide array of chassis and suspension components for domestic applications-including some nice rollcages, bolt-in suspension parts for third- and fourth-gens, and sick four-link conversions. For the benefit of our more street-oriented (or class restricted) readers, we've decided to demonstrate the installation of S&W's stock-style suspension replacement components. Made completely out of chrome-moly tubing and Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, S&W's adjustable torque arm, subframe connectors, driveshaft loop, lower control arms, and adjustable Panhard bar costs a grand total of $1,177.95-surprisingly frugal given the top-of-the-line materials. More budget-oriented folks can select the DOM versions for even greater savings with the same great quality, sacrificing only weight. Follow along as we outfit Melvin Benzaquen's LS1 Firehawk with a fresh suspension, given the help of our trusted friends at TT Performance in Little Falls, NJ.




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