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The Ultimate Subframe Buyer's Guide

Sean Haggai Nov 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
0911chp_04_z Heidts_hot_rod_shop Chevy_camaro_subframe 2/10

Heidts Hot Rod Shop
It's important to maintain the factory fit, which is why Heidts has designed its complete front-end subframe kit to bolt in with no modifications. Heidts' Pro-G suspension package delivers unbelievable cornering and handling with the standard kit. It includes tubular control arms, power rack-and-pinion steering, 2-inch drop spindles, rebound-adjustable coilover shocks, and 11-inch Wilwood brakes with four-piston calipers. Simply unbolt your old sheetmetal, engine, transmission, and old subframe, then slide the new one in-it's that simple. For a true complete-handling second-gen, rear four-link assemblies are also available.

0911chp_07_z Chassisworks Chevy_camaro_and_nova_subframe 3/10

Need to stuff 10 inches of rubber on the front with improved clearance for headers and oil pans? The Chassisworks team headed by Chris Alston has a corner-killer G-Machine front subframe package for first-gen Camaros or Novas. Chassisworks began with the popular version of their NoFab front clip which can improve handling, braking and steering. The G-Machine adds new, heavy-duty 13- or 14-inch brakes, a power steering rack and double-adjustable, billet-aluminum VariShocks. What's more is the G-Machine can also be packaged with extra-large antiroll bars, double-adjustable upper control arms, and reinforced lower control arms. The G-Machine package is a direct bolt-in design that requires no custom fabrication and comes with detailed instructions.

0911chp_06_z Fatman_fabrication Chevy_camaro_subframe 4/10

FatMan Fabrication
With over 26 years of experience, Fatman Fabrication has engineered a topnotch subframe to meet today's performance demands. Each subframe will readily accept a small- or big-block with the factory oil pan, along with LSX engines. Polished stainless steel control arms, a power rack, a sway bar, billet adjustable coilover shocks, and a steering kit including joints and a shaft hose kit all come as standard equipment. What's more is the choice of either stock or dropped spindles along with a bracket that allows for OEM '69 Camaro single-piston calipers and rotors to fit.

0911chp_08_z Auto_metal_direct Chevy_camaro_and_nova_subframe 5/10

Auto Metal Direct
If a complete OEM-style subframe is what you are after to replace a rusty, weakened, or damaged original assembly, Auto Metal Direct has a direct bolt-in solution. These new subframes are patterned like the original units. Since some subframes were slightly different depending on particular years, AMD researched and developed subframes specifically for each application. Every subframe features correct cut-out holes, bends, brackets, and weld beads just like the original unit. Also available are subframes for '67-69 Camaros.

0911chp_09_z Art_morrison Chevy_camaro_subframe 6/10

Art Morrison
Following the success of its first-gen bolt-in subframe assembly, the GT-Sport clip was designed for second-gen Camaros to improve acceleration, braking, and handling. The GT-Sport assembly will benefit second-gens with lighter weight and increased stiffness over the OEM unit. It's easily installed without welding and/or fabrication. It includes components seen on the C6 Corvette, like forged aluminum control arms (Strange adjustable coilover shocks), a specially modified Vette spindle with a lowered steering arm, and an AGR power rack-and-pinion which sits 2 inches lower in the frame. Morrison's front clip will accommodate wider front tires and can be configured for small-, big-block or LS engines. Most popular GM automatics and four-, five- and six-speed transmissions are also supported.


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