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The All-New Serious Street Schwartz Chassis

Bare Minimum
We asked Jeff Schwartz about piecing the chassis together over a one- or two-year period, starting with the basic $2,995 package. He assured us that because of the implementation of off-the-shelf circle-track or street-car chassis components, the budget-minded builder will do well with the basic package.

The initial course of direction would be to get the chassis rolling. Schwartz suggests either narrowing the housing on one's existing rear differential to fit on the frame or ordering an aftermarket rear. The Schwartz Precision Chassis is fully welded and includes mounting tabs for the four-bar suspension. Whatever rear is used, it must be fitted with the mounting brackets for the four-bar. While Schwartz offers threaded rods and threaded spherical rod ends, these components can be purchased from any circle-track supply house. If the coilovers or Air Ride Shockwaves have yet to be purchased, a piece of tubing can be drilled and temporarily placed to set up the car for rolling.

Since the upper A-arms are included in the base price, it's only a matter of completing the front suspension with lower A-arms and spindles, which are also available at any circle-track supply house. The steering rack is a standard race-style rack that will be recommended from Schwartz per individual applications, and the upper and lower ball joints are standard passenger-car Moog items.

Finishing off the chassis comes down to bolting on the brakes of choice. Of course, proper planning will allow the customer to use existing parts. Spring rates and swaybar sizes are finalized upon completion of the car. Run the brake lines and throw on the wheels and tires, and the homebuilt roller chassis is ready to go. And the tech support is second to none, and the phone lines are always open to help you each step of the way.


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