2006 Suspension Guide

Baer Serious Street Brakes

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Beneath a "Classic Look" is "Contemporary Performance"...Chevelle, El Camino or Malibu, OE disc or drum, A-Body or G-Body, 1964 through 1988, "Rally Wheels" or period-correct 15" alloy wheels, any wheel that clears and fits the OE discs of the era will also fit the Baer Claw(R) SERIOUS STREET brake system.SS systems feature Baer's EradiSpeed rotors with curved, directional vanes, Timken(R) bearings and modern 2-piston aluminum performance calipers. Plus, all the required hardware is included, from master cylinder to braided stainless hoses, allowing truly bolt-on installation.

If your "Classic" has "Contemporary" horsepower and more coats of hand-rubbed perfection than what rolled out of the factory 30+ years ago, isn't it time to bring braking into the modern age? An SS system from Baer is the insurance your classy classic deserves! Baer Brake Systems, 3108 W. Thomas Rd. Suite 1201, Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85017, 602-233-1411, www.baer.com.


Wilwood Front Big Brake Kits

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Wilwood Engineering announces the next step in improved braking performance. Designed for easy bolt-on installation on many OE hub applications without affecting master cylinder or ABS function, these new 6-piston Superlite Front Big Brake Kits look as good as they perform.

These front kits feature billet CNC machined Superlite 6 calipers in red or black finish. 13" or 14" diameter Curved Vane rotors mated to "signature" black anodized mounting hats reduce rotating weight and improve stability under thermal load. Choose our bright finish SRP Drilled and Slotted rotors or slotted GT Rotors for high heat applications. Additional kit highlights include Wilwood's revolutionary BP-10 Smart Pads with high-torque performance without the noise and dusting of other performance pads. Precision machined caliper brackets, high-strength, corrosion resistant mounting hardware and concise installation instructions complete the package.

Choose the Wilwood Big Brake kits that the top designers and builders use when building their own custom creations. You'll find more information at Wilwood Engineering, 4700 Calle Bolero, Dept. SC, Camarillo, CA 93012, 805-388-1188, www.wilwood.com.


Baer Extreme Plus

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Your wait is over...
Introduced in late 2004 as the world's first road-going billet or forged MonoBlock caliper, Baer's 6S was an instant success. Offering the technology other caliper manufacturers reserve strictly for their ultra high-end racing (read "costly") efforts, the Baer 6S represents the current ultimate performance answer for road use. These calipers, although available separately, are found within every Baer Claw(R) EXTREME-PLUS full brake conversion (axle sets, with 14" rotors, pads, hoses, brackets, specialty hardware) at a price point most often less than that charged by other premium caliper manufacturers for a single billet or forged aluminum MonoBlock!Demand exceeded capacity throughout 2005 and many customers were subjected to waiting six months and more to take delivery. In response Baer brought new equipment online in October, quadrupling output without compromising quality. New orders for systems are now being shipped within about 10 days... 6-pistons, no waiting! Baer Brake Systems, 3108 W. Thomas Rd. Suite 1201, Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85017, 602-233-1411, www.baer.com.


Classic Performance Products Big Brake Kits

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Classic Performance Products introduces its own line of Big Brake kits, 13" front disc and 12" rear disc. CPP's front system uses a 13" cross-drilled, gas slotted and zinc washed rotor mounted to a 2024 T6 billet aluminum CNC machined anodized hub and a PBR C15 caliper that attaches to the spindle with CPP custom caliper mounting brackets. PBR C15 calipers have twin 52mm pistons and a larger brake pad surface area that offers about 60% more stopping power in the caliper than the popular C5 caliper at half the cost. A CPP rear system uses a 12" cross-drilled, gas slotted and zinc washed rotor that mounts to the factory axle with the longer studs supplied and mates up to a Lincoln Continental emergency brake style caliper mounted to the rear axle housing with a CPP custom caliper mounting bracket. Classic Performance kits include all the bearings, seals, dust caps, brackets, cables, hoses, clips, instructions and necessary hardware to assure a hassle free installation. CPP Big Brakes are available in front or rear kits and as shown above as a complete front and rear kit. Front and rear kits also include a 4-wheel disc manual/power brake master cylinder and proportioning valve kit.

These Big Brake kits are available for 1955-70 Chevy Fullsize, 1962-74 GM Nova, 1967-68 GM Camaro and 1964-72 GM Chevelle. The kit requires a 17" or larger wheels (easy-to-use wheel template available). Works with stock drum or disc brake spindles and CPP's #CP30100 or #CP30101 drop spindles.

For more information and a copy of their latest product catalog, contact CPP at (714) 522-2000. Or www.classicperform.com



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All the hubs, rotors and brackets in our brake kits are manufactured by Chassisworks and will fit most 15" wheels. Silver-anodized, billet aluminum hubs are machined to accept the 1/2x3" wheel studs in both 4-1/2" and 4-3/4" bolt circles. Screw-on dust caps are included. For vehicles under 2400 lbs., our light-duty kit features billet, two-piston Wilwood calipers with solid, 10"-diameter, 3/8"-thick rotors. Our medium-duty kit (shown), for vehicles up to 2900 lbs., uses four-piston Wilwood calipers and solid rotors measuring 11-3/4x3/8". (These solid rotors are available with optional slots which lighten the rotor and wipe the pads, for better braking.) For vehicles up to 3400 lbs., our heavy-duty uses four-piston Wilwood calipers with 11-3/4x.810"-thick rotors. Recently, Chassisworks expanded its front-brake kits to fit 1971-80 Pinto/Mustang II; '67-69 Camaro; '64-72 Chevelle; and '64-74 Nova. Light-duty kits are intended for lightweight vehicles equipped with parachutes. Medium-duty kits are for heavier drag-race vehicles.These kits provide substantially more braking than factory front disc brakes, while saving up to 50 lbs. Our large, 11-3/4" rotors with four pistoncalipers are ideal for heavier drag cars with OEM spindles. These kits also work well on small-tire "Street Shootout" cars. Heavy-duty kits offer additional braking combined with vented rotors to stop the heaviest drag and street machines. Chris Alston Chassis Works, 8661 Younger Creek Dr., Dept. SC, Sacramento, CA 95828, 916-388-0288, www.cachassisworks.com.


CPP's Rear Disc Brake Kits

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Designed for easy installation, Classic Performance Products' offers bolt-on rear disc brake kits for cars and trucks using either GM passenger car 10 and 12 bolt rear ends or factory rears. Perfect for the enthusiast that has upgraded his rear end and now wants the ultimate in braking performance. Kits include rotors, calipers, caliper mounting brackets, rubber hose kit, differential gasket, emergency brake cables, rear hard lines and mounting hardware.

Classic Performance Products, Inc. has been providing the classic Chevy and Ford truck, as well as Chevy passenger car market with top quality steering, brake and suspension components for the last two decades. Call (714) 522-2000 or www.classicperform.com and order a catalog today, featuring our complete line of parts and accessories.


Line Locks

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Now there's an easy way to lock your front or rear brakes at will. Why would you want to do that? If your truck is towing a heavy vehicle down hill or if your vehicle is at the drag strip and you want to keep your vehicle straight in the staging lanes until you are ready to launch. Our line lock features 1/100,000 of a second release time and has been tested up to 30 Gs without mechanical failure. Each line lock features a rebuildable nickel-plated solenoid valve, activation switch (shifter mountable), arming light, stainless steel inserts, black chromate heat sinks. Installation takes 1-hour (brake line modifications & bleeding of brakes by qualified brake technician). Adaptable to most vehicles. Granatelli Motor Sports, 1000 Yarnell Pl., Dept. SC, Oxnard, CA 93033, 805-486-6644, www.GranatelliMotorSports.com


CPP's New Master Cylinder Receives Top Honors

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After years of solving brake problems and installation issues, Classic Performance Products has developed a solution -- the MCPV-1. Combining all of the key components of the brake system into an attractive lightweight (5 lbs.) package, the MCPV-1 should be the heart of all modern brake systems. We must have done something right! At the SEMA show in November, our MCPV-1 received a ribbon for "Best New Street Rod or Custom Car Product 2005" followed up by a 1st place trophy at Hot Rod & Restoration Trade Show for "Best New Product 2005".

Classic Performance Products, Inc. has been providing the classic Chevy and Ford truck, as well as Chevy passenger car market with top quality steering, brake and suspension components for the last two decades. Call (714) 522-2000 and order a catalog today, featuring our complete line of parts and accessories. Classic Performance Products, 175 E. Freedom Ave., Dept. SC, Anaheim, CA 92801, 714-522-2000, www.classicperform.com


Let's Stir Up A Little Friction!

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The NEW Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pad Program is a collaboration with OE supplier Roulunds Braking and features a full compliment of popular applications. Coverage ranges from Sport Compact and Sedan to full-on Sports and Muscle Cars as well as strong coverage in SUV and truck applications up through 1-ton.

All benefit from the technology Roulunds has developed for use at the OEM level, adding a couple extra points of friction consistent with Baer's requirements. The Sport-Touring compound delivers an exceptional marriage of sharp onset and easily-modulated brake torque with virtually quiet operation. Composed of a ceramic matrix, the Roulund-produced, Baer-exclusive pads are both rotor friendly while producing the lowest dust for any high-friction pad Baer has found to date.

Packaged with all pertinent small hardware and priced similarly to that of OE pads with substantially less friction, the only question you need to ask is, "your pad or mine?" Baer Brake Systems, 3108 W. Thomas Rd. Suite 1201, Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85017, 602-233-1411, www.baer.com.


Wilwood's Aluminum Master Cylinder

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Wilwood's new Aluminum Tandem Master Cylinder features great looks and outstanding performance in a high-pressure die cast design that is lightweight and durable enough for competition.

Available in either 1.00" or 1.125" bore sizes to match the volume and pressure requirements of virtually every application; each master cylinder is configured with full separation between the front and rear reservoir chambers and fluid outlets. Pressure access is on both sides of the piston bore for right or left hand plumbing to ease installation in any mount location.

The mounting flange is slotted for easy bolt-on installation on many OE mounts, including Chrysler, Corvette, GM and Ford bolt patterns. The body also incorporates two through-hole mounts for side mounting to frame members.

A black anodized, machined billet aluminum cap retains a pressure balance between the chambers with a full bellows gasket for 100% sealing against moisture or fluid leakage. The features incorporated in this innovative design make it the perfect choice for a wide range of custom manual or power brake applications. You'll find more information available at Wilwood Engineering, 4700 Calle Bolero, Dept. SC, Camarillo, CA 93012, 805-388-1188, www.wilwood.com.


When "Bigger is Better" Gets Out of Hand...

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Wheels for late-model truck and SUV applications keep getting bigger, and there is literally no end in site. Although eye-catching, these big hoops are increasingly at the center of consumer attention as they definitely compromise the brake performance even as they increase the bling appeal.

Baer's EradiSpeed-Plus-One upgrades for pickup and SUV applications provide a welcome and affordable answer to offset lost brake effectiveness. With all popular GM late-model 1/2-ton applications, as well as Ford F-150 2004-up, the ES+1 upgrades come complete with new caliper-anchor brackets, as well as oversized rotors (14" for GMT800, 15" GMT900 and F-150) and installation is easy; you don't even have to bleed the brakes.In independent testing, the GMT800 Escalade application equipped with 22" wheels improved 60-0 distance on an average of over 20 feet and over 80 feet from 90-mph. So if your modifications have overpowered your brakes... EradiSpeed-Plus-One can provide a "helping hand!" Baer Brake Systems, 3108 W. Thomas Rd. Suite 1201, Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85017, 602-233-1411, www.baer.com.



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