2006 Suspension Guide

Shock Tower Brace

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The GMS shock tower brace is the ideal upgrade for your high-performance F-Body. They clear both factory stock and aftermarket hoods, they improve handling and steering response and reduce the squeaks and rattles common to T-top equipped cars and convertibles. The braces are mandrel bent tubular steel construction with precision welds and a durable powder coated finish. They include all necessary hardware, and install in approximately an hour using basic hand tools. Plus, they work great with GMS sub-frame connectors! P/N 500005-LS1 Fits all '98-'02 LS1 F-Body, P/N 500005 Fits all 93-'97 Granatelli Motor Sports, Inc.,1000 Yarnell Pl., Dept.SC, Oxnard, CA 93033, 805-486-6644, www.GranatelliMotorSports.com.


'67-'81 Chevy Camaro Control Arms

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Heidt's Hot Rod Shop has been making tubular control arms since the beginning of time, almost. Their latest offering is for the `67 to `69 and `70 to `81 Camaro. These standard width and NARROWED tubular upper and lower arms are state of the art in both design and fabrication. Uppers are 1-1/4" dia. tube, and the lowers are a full 1-1/2" dia. tube. Narrowed arms are a must if you want to run some beefy front meats for the pro tour circuit, and Heidt's has them. They are narrowed 1" per side, pulling the tires in to give plenty of fender clearance. They all come power coated and are supplied with ball joints. High performance urethane bushings are standard, to tighten up the suspension and allow no deflection under cornering loads for absolutely solid, positive handling. Upper arms include offset cross shafts for ease of alignment and permit you to experiment with caster settings that will allow better straight line tracking as well as better feel in the corners. All arms are completely assembled. Two different lower arms are offered for either stock springs and shocks or coil-over shock design. These are full bolt-on arms, requiring no modifications to the frame. Heidt's also offers a full line of QA1 fully adjustable billet aluminum coil-overs with an assortment of springs.
Prices: Upper Arms $399
Lower Arms $579

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop, 111 Kerry Ln., Dept. SC, Wauconda, IL 60084, 847-487-0150. www.heidts.com.


Ground Zero

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Boost your car's handling and launching characteristics with brand new high performance Ground Zero(tm) Coil Springs from Performance Suspension Technology, the suspension experts that brought you POLYGRAPHITE(r) suspension bushings. Ground Zero(tm) Coil Springs are available in stock and lowered ride height and are the "secret weapon" of many performance driving enthusiasts. Call or write and mention code SC101 for your FREE copy of our catalog. Performance Suspension Technology, Box 396, Dept. SC, Montville NJ 07045, 800-247-2288, www.p-s-t.com.


Tubular Control Arms for GM Subframes

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So you installed a GM subframe in your Custom Rod, and now you find out it's too wide! Fatman has been building narrowed arms for 15 years that are designed to solve that problem. These slick looking parts come with new bushings and ball joints fitted for easy installation. A molded urethane lower spring mount provides a cushion for NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) suppression and easy removal for conversion to coilover or Airride. A complete line of dropped spindles are also available to allow an easy 2" drop if you wish, now that the tires are under the fenders. Get them at Fatman Fabrications, Hwy 218, 8621-C Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC 27227-7619 (704)545-0369 www.fatmanfab.com


Strong Arms

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Looking for serious bolt-on hardcore performance? Are you searching for that special something that is going to give your car the" shoebox attitude"? In our world, the cool factor is not determined by the settings of your air conditioner but is defined by attitude and how the car performs. Air Ride Technologies makes performance the premier design criteria and has shifted their StrongArm tubular control arm & Shockwave program into high gear! New for the 55-57 Chevy's...Air Ride Technologies introduces the SKW1019-LUCA front suspension kit and adds it to their existing arsenal of high performance front suspension systems. The SKW1019-LUCA StrongArm and Shockwave combo is a direct bolt in replacement of the original coil springs, shock absorber and upper and lower control arms. The StrongArm tubular control arms are built using CNC bent .219" wall DOM tubing and laser cut bracketry to ensure lasting strength and reliability. Each individual arm is jig assembled and welded by a certified Air Ride Technologies craftsman. The StrongArms have been engineered to optimize suspension geometry, balljoint angles, and wheel alignment at your new lowered ride height. The proven reliability of the patented ShockWave O ring sealing technology and the new 16 position adjustable valving lets you fine tune your car for racetrack precision, comfortable cruising, or anywhere in between.... For more information regarding this kit or any other Air Ride Technologies or Strong Arm application you can call the folks at 812-482-2932 or visit them online at www.ridetech.com.


Tubular A-Arm Front Suspension

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Chassis Engineering has re-designed their popular a-arm front suspension for greater travel, accessibility and strength. This re-design has taken in consideration the total weight and strength along with function. Engineered for a variety of applications, this new a-arm front end addresses many possibilities.

Chassis Engineering's new a-arm design utilizes rod end mounted tubular upper and lower a-arms for reduced weight, more responsive movement and adjustability. Aluminum adjustable coil overs with 4 inches of travel were selected for a variety of valving changes, spring options and greater overall travel than other comparative front ends. Mandrel bent 2"x3"x.120 wall square tube frame rails are used for added strength and yet remain lightweight. Mustang II spindles are utilized for their superior design and function. By utilizing this spindle design, brake options are almost limitless, from vented pro street brakes to super lightweight 2-piston, race only, calipers. A manual pinto rack and pinion is called upon for its lightweight, durability and variety of widths available. This rack is the most popular design used in high performance applications. Another advantage of this re-design is the drop out rack k-member. This allows the hardcore motor head the ability to drop the oil pan for inspection without having to pull the motor out of the frame rails. Chassis Engineering designed this system with the pro chassis builder and skilled do-it-yourselfer in mind. Available in frame widths 49-1/2 to 58-1/2 inches the rack k-member, k-member mounts, shock mounts and a-arm mounts are pre-welded.

For technical details on Chassis Engineering products and catalog orders, contact Chassis Engineering * 1500 Ave. R, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 or call (800) 327-9402, www. Chassisengineering.com.


'62-'67 Chevy Nova SUPERIDE SUBFRAME

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Now you can have a SUPERIDE IITM SUBFRAME for your `62-`67 Chevy Nova from Heidt's Hot Rod Shop. This is a fully bolt-on suspension subframe with complete suspension components. It just bolts right on to the firewall in place of the original subframe with no welding, just as their highly successful original subframe using the Heidt's suspension package. This one includes fully adjustable coil-over shock assemblies, with chrome springs. The billet aluminum coil-overs are offered in both plain and polished finish and are fully adjustable in dampening and spring rate selection. This subframe also includes many other standard features such as tubular control arms, 11" disc brakes, manual rack & pinion steering, motor mount stands welded in place and firewall tubes with shims. The list of options is the largest in the industry. Some other options available are power steering, narrowed control arms (for those wide hides), and adjustable firewall tubes which do not use shims. And for those who have to have the most of everything, Heidt's also offers 13" 6 piston monster brakes and is available with black or polished calipers. Other options include polished stainless steel control arms, polished 4 piston calipers for the 11" brakes, polished billet hubs, dropped spindles, sway bar, and inner fender panels.

This kit is prices as low as $2,995. Heidt's Hot Rod Shop, 111 Kerry Ln., Dept. SC, Wauconda, IL 60084, (847) 487-0150, www.heidts.com.


55-57 Chevy rear AirBar and front Tubular upper and lower control arms

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Air Ride Technologies is constantly expanding the massively popular AirBar(R) bolt-on four link systems and the StrongArm(R) tubular control arm kits which, now even covers the 55-57 Chevrolet. The rear AirBar(R) is a direct bolt-in replacement of the original leaf springs and requires no custom fabrication to install. The StrongArm(R) tubular front control arm kits are also a direct bolt-on replacement and like the AirBar(R), requires no custom fabrication to install. The StrongArm(R) and AirBar(R) kits will dramatically improve the handling and ride quality of your 55-57 Chevy. Plus they are available for other popular applications like the 64-70 Mustang, 67-69 Camaro, 63-67 Nova and the 60-64 Galaxie. For more information, go to www.ridetech.com or call 812-482-2932.



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A triangulated 4-bar rear suspension offers performance enthusiasts an efficient means to obtain both great handling and outstanding acceleration. Now, Art Morrison Enterprises makes it easy for most anyone to adapt this technology to their ride by means of easy-to-install rear clip assemblies. Each Morrison clip is CAD-engineered to the exact application, assuring a correct fit and desired ride height. The subframe itself is made of precision mandrel-bent 2" x 4" rectangular tubing and fixture-welded to assure perfect alignment of all suspension components. The bars, which feature Morrison's own polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends, control both axle "wrap" under acceleration and lateral stability. A 9" Ford rear end and Strange coil-over shocks complete the package. Call to find out about an AME clip for your particular year/make/model vehicle. ART MORRISON ENTERPRISES, 5301 8th Street E., Dept. SC, Fife, WA 98424, 800-929-7188, www.artmorrison.com.


Four-Link Suspensions from Mild to Wild

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Chassis Engineering offers the widest range of 4-link options. From mild to wild, your needs are covered. The Pro-Heavy Duty 4-link offers pre-made 4-link tubes designed to utilize 3/4" x 3/4" rod ends. The Top Gun 4-link offers large diameter chrome moly tubes with chrome moly tube adapters machined for 3/4"x 5/8" rod ends. Tighter hole spacing is made possible by the use of the 5/8" hole rod ends. This tighter hole spacing offers more instant center points, allowing total control of your suspension set-up. Both, the Pro and Top Gun 4-link systems come complete with aluminum adjustable coil overs, chrome moly rod ends, upper and lower shock mounts, removable drive shaft loop, plus a diagonal link. Both systems also include laser cut 1/4" thick frame brackets, rear end housing brackets, frame rails and drop cross member. The wide range of frame rails available rival any in the industry. Choices include 2 x 3 x .083, 2 x 3 x .120 square tubing, 1-3/4"x.134 mild steel round tube. And, as a custom option 1-5/8" x .083 chrome moly round tube is also available.

Chassis engineering has the race proven technology to produce high performance suspension systems needed for today's tremendous horsepower.

For technical details on Chassis Engineering products and catalog orders, contact Chassis Engineering * 1500 Ave. R, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 or call (800) 327-9402, www. Chassisengineering.com



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Our popular Pro Street 4-link uses the same bracket geometry as our Battle Cruiser 4-link. Instead of spherical bearing rod ends, it uses billet-steel rod ends with urethane bushing liners. In addition, one end of the link tube uses a urethane-lined weld eye, which virtually eliminates the possibility of the rod end rattling, causing the link bar to fall off. The bars are direct-thread, 1-1/4x.156" tube to accommodate the huge, 1"-shank, billet rod end. These rod ends are strong enough for blown street cars and offer plenty of flexibility for a street-driven vehicle. Pro Street 4-links are available with blue-powder-coating or chrome-finish link bars. In addition, the front brackets are available in two configurations: Number-6248 front mount attaches under the rear frame rail, and is used for rear subframes and Eliminator I chassis; Number-6270 front mount attaches to a 3x2" dropped crossmember, and is used in trucks and full-frame stock vehicles. All hardware and billet rod ends are included. The Pro Street 4-link package includes the pro street 4-link (with billet, urethane bushed rod ends), Pro Street track locater, coil-spring mounts, springs, rear shocks, shock crossmember and 3x2" front crossmember. Add $107 for chrome-plated link bars. Coil-over upgrades available. Order Pro Street Package "U"- as low as $870! Chris Alston Chassis Works, 8661 Younger Creek Dr., Dept. SC, Sacramento, CA 95828, 916-388-0288, www.cachassisworks.com.


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