2006 Suspension Guide

Rear Medium Tub Kit & Frame Rails Kit

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Replacement mandrel bent frame rails of 1/8 " mild steel tubing hug the stock floor panels allowing installation with cutting out the center tank section. Inner fender wells and trunk extensions provide room for up to 15" wide wheels. This portion of the system is necessary for high horsepower drivetrain. Combine it with the subframe connectors and the roll cage system for a racecar like tube chassis. 21st Century Street Machines, 10620 Park Rd. Suite 102, Dept. SC, Charlotte, NC 28210, 704-541-7654

Eliminator II Rear Frames

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These affordable rear-frame systems bring you all the advantages of our Eliminator II suspension in the economical "back-half" style. These rear frames make the perfect starting point for a higher-technology bracket car or the ultimate Pro Street vehicle. This frame is offered in three styles: 3x2"-box-rail style or two 1-5/8"- round-tube versions. For round-rail cars in which the driver's seat is far back in the body, up against the wheel tub, use Model 7130. In this frame, the 4-link front mount is even with the main hoop. For longer-wheelbase cars, which position the driver's seat considerably forward of the rear wheel tubs (6" to 12"), use Model 7131. In this frame, the 4-link front mounts attach to bent crossmembers that extend behind the main hoop. The 3x2"-box-rail version will fit most vehicles and is easier to install. All three frames require the use of a Chassisworks 14-point cage for the necessary rigidity and extra tubes to complete your frame. You will also need 7"-travel coil-overs. Chris Alston Chassis Works, 8661 Younger Creek Dr., Dept. SC, Sacramento, CA 95828, 916-388-0288, www.cachassisworks.com.


Frame Stubs

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Some of our favorite Custom Rods have a frame that won't easily accept a modern independent front suspension. Fatman can come to the rescue with a line of over 160 different frame stubs designed specifically for each car. These have the critical radiator, sheet metal, and bumper mounts installed so that you don't have to figure out how to morph parts from the junkyard onto your frame. Hub to hub versions of these kits have polished stainless steel control arms standard, with options such as standard coil springs, coilovers, Airride, or Shockwaves. Power steering, sway bars, and different bolt pattern brake kits let you select the combination you prefer. They go in so easily that many installations are accomplished without removing the engine or front fenders! Get more info at Fatman Fabrications, Hwy 218, 8621-C Fairview Rd, Dept. SC, Charlotte, NC 28227 704-545-0369 www.fatmanfab.com


Sub-Frame Connectors

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Install these sub-frame connectors and improve traction, handling and help eliminate squeaks, rattles and t-top water leaks. Round tubing is used because it is much stronger and lighter than square tube designs and it does not affect ground clearance. Each set includes a pair of sub-frame connectors (1.75" diameter, .134" wall mandrel bent steel tubing with precision welds, 3/16" mounting tabs and a durable powder coated finish. Installation takes 3-4 hours (welding required). May require grinding off of powder coating from mounting pads and disconnection of fuel lines prior to welding. Fits all '93-'02 F-Body, except convertibles which have factory integrated sub-frame connectors. Granatelli Motor Sports, 1000 Yarnell Pl., Dept. SC, Oxnard, CA 93033, 805-486-6644, www.GranatelliMotorSports.com


The Tri 5 Chevy Chassis With Independent Front & Rear Suspension

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Kugel Komponents has been building and marketing independent front and rear suspensions for street rods for over 30 years. "We were the first on the block to offer brand new scratch build systems for hot rods" said Jerry Kugel. With the experience gained from building and testing various chassis combinations on any number of vehicles ranging from kit cars to race cars to hot rods to jeeps, Kugel Komponents is now offering a total chassis package for the '55-'56-'57 Chevy's. With the availability of reliable high horsepower engines, our customers are looking for the drivability and reliability of a pre-engineered chassis and engine combination. Everything on the chassis has been beefed up by increasing the size of the ball joints, bushings, brakes and sway bars. Now they can have the ride, comfort, handling and braking of a pro touring automobile. For info contact, Kugel Komponents, 451 Park Industrial Dr., Dept. SC, La Habra, CA 90631, 562-691-7006, www.kugelkomponents.com.



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Great for the drag racer looking for the lightest possible back half kit! S&W Race Cars' Pro/Series round tube frames are available made of either mild steel or 4130 chrome moly tubing. Mild steel frames feature mild steel 4-link brackets while the chrome moly frame utilizes 4130 brackets. Each frame arrives at your door completely jig-welded, with the Laser/Link 4-link mounts and upper shock crossmember fully installed. PRO SERIES Round Tube rear frames are available in 22", 24", 26", and 28" frame rail widths, assuring you of one that is right for your car. The standard package includes your choice of frame, S&W Laser Link 4-link kit with 8 chrome moly rod ends, Strange single adjustable rear shocks & springs, lower adjustable shock mounts and a track locator bar. S&W Race Cars, 11 Mennonite Church Rd., Dept. SC, Spring City, PA 19475, 1-800-523-3353, www.swracecars.com

* Welded rear frame (22", 24", 26" or 28") * 4-link tubes & brackets *
* 8 - 4130 moly rod ends * Fully welded track locator * Driveshaft loop *
* All suspension mount hardware* Adjustable lower shock mounts *
* Strange alum. ext. adj. coil over shocks * Powder coated springs * Instructions



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1967-69 Camaro and Firebird 1968-1972 Nova replacement subframe with Corvette C5 suspension. The ultimate upgrade in ride handling and ride quality.

Slotted upper control arm inserts allow for adjustment of instant center for different drivetrain option. Use of eccentric bolts and washer for lower control arm allows for ease of adjustmenty of caster camber and alignment. Available with a quick ratio 15:1 rack or 20:1. 21st Century Street Machines, 10620 Park Rd. Suite 102, Dept. SC, Charlotte, NC 28210, 704-541-7654, www.21stcenturystreetmachines.com

Classic Camaro Subframes

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You wanna build a G-machine with your '67-'69 Camaro but tire size and ground clearance are limited. Dropping some weight would be great, and the original front suspension design doesn't do a very good job of planting the tires either. Fatman's has designed complete replacement subframe, which provides vastly improved geometry, with approximately 2-inches more ground clearance at the front crossmember, a 2-inch overall narrower track width, and a super low stance. The unit bolts to the floor and cowl as original, and provides mount holes for the core support, bumper, and fuel and brake lines. We also include an adapter kit to allow use of your original '69-style disc brakes and hoses. Your original engine mounts will swap over. Tubular control arms, dropped spindles with brake adapters, rebuilt power rack and stainless steel hose kit, steering connection kit and sway bar are included. You'll want to plan on some light fabrication work on brake lines and steering hookup, but we've attempted to put together a very complete kit with all the little details needed to finish the job. Fatman Fabrications, Hwy. 218,8621-C, Fairview Rd., Dept. SC, Charlotte, NC 28227, (704) 545-0369, www.fatmanfab.com


Extreme Duty Front A-Arm Frame & Suspension Package - Mustang II Type

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S&W Race Cars all new, extreme-duty, a-arm front frame & suspension package is specifically designed to withstand the loads applied by both heavy weight E.T. race cars and even the heaviest Pro/Streeter. Although similar in appearance to our popular "Pinto style" a-arm front, the differences are quite substantial. This frame features 2" x 3" mandrel formed frame rails made from heavy duty .120" wall tubing. All brackets are precision, waterjet cut from 3/16" steel. Also included in each package is a floor x-brace kit for added support. More support comes from a pair of front subframe supports, to tie into your roll cage and a pair of shock support tubes (not shown in photo). This frame package uses easy to find Mustang II spindles (not included) or S&W fabricated spindles, Mustang II rack & pinion and QA1 coil over shocks. Tubular a-arm packages are powder-coated for a durable and attractive finish. In addition to the weight savings, you get the benefits of a fully adjustable, "zero-bump-steer" front suspension with coil over shocks for the ultimate in adjustability and consistency. The rack and pinion steering eliminates the sloppy original steering box and offers added header clearance by moving all the steering components forward of the motor. This frame rail and crossmember package, features all brackets completely fixture welded to the frame rails, insuring proper alignment of all critical suspension mounts. The rack & pinion crossmember is cut to width and the floor support tubes are notched and cut for easy installation. Shipping these components separately makes the entire package UPS-able, saving you money on freight charges. S&W Race Cars, 11 Mennonite Church Rd., Dept. SC, Spring City, PA 19475, 1-800-523-3353, www.swracecars.com


Roll Cage

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Not your average roll cage. DOM mild round tubing is custom bent and notched to hug the A pillar and roof line. A portion of the roll cage becomes interior trim when custom inserts are applied. Combined with subframe, subframe connector and the medium tab kit, your car comes close to a racecar chassis. 21st Century Street Machines, 10620 Park Rd. Suite 102, Dept. SC, Charlotte, NC 28210, 704-541-7654, www.21stcenturystreetmachines.com.


Super Chevy Sway Bars Muscle Bars

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When you throw your car into a corner does it feel like it wants to roll over and play dead? Neat trick for your dog... but not your car! To help you bring your car up to modern handing and performance levels, Air Ride Technologies has developed an entirely new product line. The "MuscleBar" sway bars are a completely new line of high performance sway bars specifically engineered for lowered cars and air suspensions. Increased bar diameters, polyurethane bushings, and appropriate attachment links all add up to a sway bar package that is designed to work correctly with your lowered car or truck and your aggressive driving style. For more information regarding Musclebar sway bars or any other Air Ride technologies product you can go on-line to www. ridetech.com or call them at 812-482-2932


Sway Bars

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Performance Suspension Technology stakes another claim in the performance suspension market with G-MAX(tm) Sway Bars. Tighten the curves and reduce body roll in one easy step! PST G-MAX(tm) Sway Bars help to maintain vehicle weight vertically over the tires, preventing drift and understeer. Achieve the ultimate in handling with performance front and rear G-MAX(tm) Sway Bars. Call or write and mention code SC101 to receive your FREE copy of our catalog! Performance Suspension Technology, Box 396, Dept. SC, Montville NJ 07045, 800-247-2288, www.p-s-t.com.


Rear Anti-Roll Bars
1982 -2002 CAMARO & FIREBIRD

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Fits under stock floor pans. * Welding required for installation. Great for Stock, Top Stock & Foot Brake classes! Stops body roll & improves 60-foot times. Don't settle for less than the best! Insist on a true torsion bar with splined ends & billet arms.

By equalizing traction & preventing body roll, anti-roll or rear torsion bars, as they are sometimes called, have been shown to produce consistently quicker 60' times. This new kit uses only the highest quality components - a splined 4130 steel torsion shaft (not a piece of tubing as used by some of our competitors), splined & machined, billet arms, 4130 mounting tube & supports, plus all necessary rod ends, links and hardware. S&W Race Cars, 11 Mennonite Church Rd., Dept. SC, Spring City, PA 19475, 1-800-523-3353, www.swracecars.com



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