2006 Suspension Guide

More than just another "pretty face"...

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Want to change the chore of replacing rotors into a chance to take your ride's visual impact up a notch? With all the hype about drilling versus slotting, it's no wonder you're not sure which will deliver what you're looking for.

Baer DecelaRotors(TM) give you not only the highest visual impact with both cross-drilling and slotting, but also offer a brilliant, rust-resistant, zinc-plated surface. As for the question of durability, only Baer DecelaRotors come with a 3-year warranty. Others point fingers at some products being a potential problem, but Baer puts its finger on the real issue and backs their product where others don't, won't or can't!

DecelaRotors are available at your local Performance Dealer or at an AutoZone near you. With 325 applications and more added each week, DecelaRotor can help you turn a chore into a simple pleasure. Baer Brake Systems, 3108 W. Thomas Rd. Suite 1201, Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85017, 602-233-1411, www.baer.com.


Wilwood Pro Series

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Dynalite Pro Series Rear Axle Kits are engineered for a wide range of non-parking brake competition and sports driving applications using "Detroit" muscle car rear axles. These kits are light enough to reduce ET's on a bracket car, and tough enough for severe braking on a road course. Forged Billet Dynalite calipers, PolyMatrix brake pads, 12.19" diameter vented iron rotors, machined aluminum rotor mounting hats, and aluminum caliper brackets with grade 8 hardware provide absolute stopping power and high-end durability.

For the show car enthusiast, fully polished calipers and directional drilled and slot pattern rotors will provide the ultimate finish to wheel, tire, and suspension detail. Check out the features in the four kit choices available for hot rod rear axles. FDL calipers are the newest and strongest in the class. Stress-flow forged billet bodies and a highly efficient radial transition design, are key elements contributing to the superior strength and efficiency of the FDL. This innovative caliper incorporates proven performance features from other Wilwood designs. FDL calipers generate high clamping force without deflection from four stainless steel pistons.Wilwood Engineering, 4700 Calle Bolero, Dept. SC, Camarillo, CA 93012, 805-388-1188, www.wilwood.com.


Wilwood Rear Parking Brake Kits

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Wilwood's Rear Parking Brake Kits improve looks and braking performance on muscle cars and street rods. Available for the most popular solid rear axles, these kits are designed utilizing our "bolt-on brake kit" philosophy and incorporate an internal drum parking brake mechanism for a powerful park-brake function; all neatly concealed inside the rear rotor for a stylish, uncluttered look.

Each kit features forged billet 4-piston Dynalite calipers in a red, black, or polished finish. Rear rotors are available either solid or fully ventilated, with smooth-face or SRP Drill and Slot patterns. Included are Wilwood's revolutionary BP-10 Smart Pads, with high-torque performance without the noise and dusting of other "performance" brake pads.

CNC machined aluminum caliper brackets with fully assembled drum parking brake mechanism, high-strength fasteners, and comprehensive assembly instructions are included with each kit.

Choose the kits and components preferred by top customizers and builders when designing their own creations; choose Wilwood. Find out more at www.wilwood.com


Coilover Shocks

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VariShock's double-adjustable design (shown) is easier to tune: 256 different settings are attainable simply by rotating two fully accessible, 16-position knobs. All adjustments are made in seconds, without removing or unbolting the VariShock. One knob sets the bump range; the other sets rebound. Both knobs are laser-etched with directional arrows and "plus/minus" symbols that clearly indicate which direction achieves the desired adjustment. Additional arrows etched into the QuickSet 2's base reveal which knob sets bump, and which sets rebound. In the single adjustable QuickSet 1, 14 positions adjust bump and rebound. Repeatability is unprecedented! By controlling the quality of the components, assembling them in-house and dyno-testing every assembly, we can deliver a pair of VariShocks that perform virtually identically throughout the entire range of travel. The spherical-bearing eyes use a COM-8 1/2" bore x 1-1/8" wide high-misalignment bearing with a Teflon liner as standard. The eye has more clearance around the mounting brackets than any other design. The urethane end has up to 350% more urethane material than other brands, for superior load distribution, yet no less clearance around the eye. We use a premium urethane that has much higher load capacity for improved life than the poly bushings. Urethane ends are 11/4" wide and accept 1/2" bolts. A new-design, one-piece lower spring seat does not require a lock nut; it's locked in place by two balllocks that press into the grooves on the reservoir body and easily unlock for adjustment with an Allen wrench. Spring seats accept 2-1/2"-ID coil springs. Chris Alston Chassis Works, 8661 Younger Creek Dr., Dept. SC, Sacramento, CA 95828, 916-388-0288, www.cachassisworks.com.



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QA1 Motorsports offers its line of truly independent double adjustable shocks. Available now - the entire double adjustable line features 24 positions of compression adjustment and 24 positions of rebound adjustment, providing 576 possible combinations to maximize the performance of your vehicle! QA1's new double adjustable shocks are available for a variety of applications, including stock suspensions for 1955 - present American cars and light trucks, front coil-over conversions for GM Muscle Cars, Late Model Camaros and Firebirds, as well as a complete line of coil-overs for Hot Rods, Pro Street, Drag Race, and Back-Half cars.

This line of shocks from QA1 Motorsports offers a range of adjustability that has never before been possible! Throughout the adjustment range, count on evenly spaced valving changes, as well as complete independence of compression and rebound circuits - no more worrying about your compression changing when you're adjusting the rebound, and vice versa. The QA1 Motorsports double adjustable shock is for the most demanding performance vehicles on the drag strip, road course, and the street.

QA1 recently acquired Carrera Shocks to further expand its product offering, and is also the #1 manufacturer of rod ends and spherical bearings to motorsports. For additional information and your free catalog, visit QA1's website at www.qa1.net or call 800-721-7761.



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Strange has been a suspension leader in racing for over forty years and has manufactured its own race and street coil-over shock for over ten years. Strange has applied its extensive shock knowledge to "bolt-in" shock applications- including GM. The externally (10-way) adjustable aluminum shock is highly responsive, consistent, and can be easily adjusted to adapt to slight changes in atmospheric conditions. Strange aluminum shocks work seamlessly with our "bolt-in" 9" rear end for GM applications. Contact Strange Engineering 847.663.1701 or www.strangeengineering.net.


Bilstein Mono-tube Gas Pressure Shocks and Struts Provide Maximum Performance and Comfort

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Bilstein's industry leading mono-tube design provides superior tube strength while maximizing heat dissipation and shock life. The self-adjusting large diameter (up to 1.81") digressive piston instantly reacts and adjusts for any road.

Bilstein engineers and shock technicians spend endless hours designing and developing the proper valving. They then conduct extensive ride tests to ensure the vehicle handling characteristics are tuned exactly for the specific application. When it comes to overall ride and handling, no other shock manufacturer can match the degree of perfection that Bilstein has to offer. Bilstein high capacity mono-tube gas pressure shocks and struts are backed by a limited lifetime aftermarket warranty. Bilstein, 14102 Stowe Dr., Dept. SC, Poway, CA 92064, 858-386-5900, www.bilstein.com.


Rear Coil-Over Shocks

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HEIDT'S now offers Rear Coil-Over Shock assemblies for many applications. They include shock assemblies with 5/8" hard chrome shafts, threaded outer sleeves and threaded lower spring seats for adjusting the ride height. They also include polished top cones. black urethane bushings set up for either 1/2" or 5/8" bolts. The shock bodies are available both black painted or show chrome plated, and are 10" compressed and 14-1/2" extended. Black powder coated or show chrome plated progressive wound springs in rates from 160 to 550 pounds per inch rating. Heidt's Hot Rod Shop, 111 Kerry Ln., Dept. SC, Wauconda, IL 60084, 1-800-841-8188. www.heidts.com.


Lowering Springs

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THE BEST IN THE BEST! Improve handling without destroying ride quality with these progressive-rate lowering springs. Our springs will lower vehicle 1.25" in the front and the rear. Each set includes 4 springs. Installs in approximately 1-2 hours using basic hand tools and a spring compressor (requires adjustable panhard rod, re-aligning of axle and removal of your wheels: NOTE: You must provide your wheel lock key to your installer before installation). Fits '93'-'97 LT1 F-Body and '98-'02 LS1 F-Body. Will not fit V-6 models. Granatelli Motor Sports, 1000 Yarnell Pl., Dept. SC, Oxnard, CA 93033, 805-486-6644, www.GranatelliMotorSports.com


Bilstein Rod Shocks and NEW PermaStar(R) Coating Coilover Springs

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Bilstein Rod Shocks feature independent compression and rebound valving custom tuned for each application, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments. They're available in coilover or smooth body aluminum and steel body models for stock to fully custom applications,Bilstein coilover springs are now available with a new PermaStar(R) coating that provides a "chrome" appearance without the drawbacks of traditional chroming. This revolutionary coating process won't damage the spring rate or reduce spring life and will never rust. And it requires virtually no maintenance to keep its bright, shiny appearance.



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Owners of Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and the like can now enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art chassis, thanks to the "Max G" frame from Art Morrison Enterprises. Designed for use with "unibody" or full frame cars, the builder needs only to remove the OEM floor pan, then mount the body onto the "Max G" chassis (fabricating a new floor). It accommodates Corvette or AME's IFS control arms, coil-over shocks and a triangulated 4-bar rear suspension. This ground-hugging chassis features through-frame passageways for the exhaust system, which provides a lower CG and ample ground clearance. Steering is via an AGR power rack with choice of 15:1 or 20:1 ratios.. Each "Max G" chassis is CAD-engineered to your exact year/make/model vehicle and desired ride height. Call 800-929-7188 to find out about a "Max G" chassis for your ride.

ART MORRISON ENTERPRISES, INC.5301 8th Street East, Fife, WA 98424 * 800-929-7188 (local: 253-922-7188) * www.artmorrison.com



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