Chevy Tech: Wheel Restoration - Billet Wheel Resuscitation

Bringing a Once-Shiny wheel back from the dead

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A set of wheels can make or break a car. We have all seen a car at a show that has a good paintjob but an ugly set of wheels and thought, "That's a nice ride, but the wheels kill it." While a nice set of billet wheels looks pretty good on just about everything, they are pretty expensive and might be outside the budget. Since new wheel designs are being released daily, that puts a lot out in the used market. Swap meets are usually chock-full of used wheels that have seen better days, but don't overlook them as an option. Grabbing a set of used wheels and taking them to a professional polishing place is an option, but that puts the cost back up. To keep the dollars in your pocket, there is a way to do it at home and all you will need is a drill and some stuff from Mothers Polish. Mothers has a complete line of power products and accompanying polishes that with a little elbow grease will put the luster back into those billet rollers.

For those that already have a set of billet wheels, you know keeping them shiny is a crummy job. We wonder how many hours have been spent sitting on the ground rubbing away trying to bring back that shine? A lot, we're sure. This story will map out how to use the Power Ball line to get close to professional results at home. The Power Ball is a foam-polishing tool that attaches to any standard-size hand drill that has a slow speed setting. It is made from proprietary open-cell foam designed to be extremely durable yet gentle on the wheel. One very nice feature to this tool is when you're finished using it, just give it a quick wash and it's ready to use again.


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