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Ah, summer, what a great time of year. The sun is up, the shows are in full swing, birds are out crapping, and your car is probably in need of a little clean up. No matter if your ride has been sitting in a garage waiting for the sun or been out in the elements, it's going to need a comprehensive detailing. We are sure you know how to wash your ride, but there is always some knowledge to be learned even on the simplest of subjects. This story will map out how to clean like a detail freak and prepare your ride for the next show or cruise night.

No detailing story would be complete without a vehicle, and for that we are going to use Sam Head's '56. The car was painted a couple of years ago, but has been in storage since completion. There isn't any oxidation to remove, but the paint needs to be protected to maintain that shine. Also, along the way a few things have found their way onto the paint job like minor scratches and some fall out.

For all the products in this story, we decided to make a one-stop shopping trip to Route 66 Motorsports, the restoration and custom car-building giants who built the Super Chevy Project American Heroes II Camaro and the Project American Heroes III Chevelle. The complete line of Route 66 Exotic Coatings car care products, including waxes, polishes, and accessories, can be ordered on its website and shipped to your door. Enthusiasts made this stuff for enthusiasts right here in the U.S.A. We picked up one bottle of each product, an assortment of micorfiber towels and applicators, a wash bucket with a grit guard in the bottom, a microfiber wash mitt, a vent brush and some detailing clay. It took all of these products, a whole day, and a lot of elbow grease to get the '56 ready for cruise night, but it was well worth it. We think that is enough with the blah, blah; let's move on to the work.


Route 66 Motorsports
New Lenox, IL 60451




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