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What's New In The World Of Detailing

Dakota Wentz Jun 26, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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I don't know about you, but when I turn that corner and make my way down the detailing aisle, I feel as if I've just been cracked over the head with a whipping stick. My eyes wander from side to side, up and down, inside and out, and then before I know it, I'm caught up in an orange, green, yellow, and pink packaging psychedelic mind trip. Seriously, there are so many products out there to choose from, and they all have bright packaging. Some of the products are the bare necessities, and some are tools and gadgets to get the job done faster and easier, which are cool. But then there is also a select handful of products that make such drastic claims, I wouldn't be surprised if they had the cure for world hunger! The truth is, there are a lot of really good and cool products out there. To show you, we've gathered up a chunk of products that will benefit your detailing routine. (I know what you're thinkin', "Are you trying to overload me like a detailing aisle?"). Take a look and get acquainted with them. Also, be sure to search the manufacturers and see what else they offer. If you do that the next time you set out to buy some detailing goods, "that aisle" won't overload your brain and cause a major malfunction.

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From Meguiars (17991 Mitchell South, Dept. SC, Irvine, CA 92614, 800/347-5700, are Quik Interior Detailer Interior Wipes. They quickly and safely clean interior plastics, vinyl, leather, audio/video equipment, and more. Fast interior touch-ups are now simple and easy. Use daily to maintain a clean appearance and every time you wash or Quik Detail your paint for that complete "just detailed" look. Unlike traditional protectants that leave a greasy look and feel, Quik Interior Detailer leaves a natural appearance and a fresh fragrance with every use.

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Eagle One
Eagle One (P.O. Box 14000, Dept. SC, Lexington, KY 40512, 877/5EagleOne, has developed a line of new products: NanoWax Spray, Nano-Polish, and Nano-Protectant. NanoWax penetrates the paint surface deeper to provide superior protection and long-lasting shine, while filling in fine scratches and swirl marks. Nano-Polish penetrates tiny grooves on wheel and metal surfaces, providing excellent polishing and cleaning benefits, while providing anti-corrosion protection. For your interior, Nano-Protectant enhances surface penetration for optimal cleaning, conditioning, and UV protection.

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Turtle Wax
New from Turtle Wax (5655 W. 73rd St., Dept. SC, Chicago, IL, 60638, 800/TURTLEWAX, is ICE, a synthetic liquid polish. Innovative new technology blends silicone and organic polymers to provide shine and durability to your car's finish. Water-clear formula can also be applied to all exterior rubber, plastic, and vinyl trim to restore color and shine without leaving white residue. Unlike conventional waxes, ICE can be applied in direct sunlight and on hot surfaces without streaking.

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Porter Cable
The Porter Cable (4825 Hwy. 45 North, P.O. Box 2468, Dept. SC, Jackson, TN 38302, 800/4US-TOOL) 7424 Dual-Action Polisher is the perfect buffing, polishing, and detailing machine for the car care perfectionist. The random-orbit, polishing action of the 7424 will give you swirl-free results without burning your paint or removing excessive amounts of clearcoat. The Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher is designed to give you swirl-free results much faster than you can achieve by hand. With the Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher anyone can produce an outstanding finish on their car. Electronic variable speed control adjusts from 2,500 to 6,000 orbits per minute. Handles screws into both sides and it comes with one disposable foam pad. Additional foam pads and accessories sold separately. This polisher can be used for removing light scratches and swirl marks, and for applying your favorite glaze, wax, or sealant.

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California Car Company
California Car Company (800/423-5525, has taken the power of the Original California Car Duster, which gives your car the look of being just washed, and combined it with The Original California Dash Duster, that easily removes dust from your car's interior in seconds. The 100 percent cotton mop heads of these dusters are treated with a special paraffin wax that literally lifts dust from the vehicle's surface. The Auto Detailing Kit is designed to quickly and efficiently remove dust from both the interior and exterior of your car by moving the dusters lightly over the car's surfaces.

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Orison (P.O. Box 5198, Dept. SC, Abilene, TX 79608, 325/692-1135, is an aluminum oxide remover and cleaning agent that contains no fluorides, acids, caustics, or solvents. It's fast-acting, biodegradable, and totally safe to use with plastic, rubber, and PVC. Simply immerse the part you wish to clean in the Alumina solution, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, remove the part, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and all the oxidation, tarnish, and other deposits will be gone. The system works extremely well on trim pieces, engine components, accessory brackets, and other aluminum parts that deteriorate over time and are difficult to replace. Alumina also works great as prep for polishing or paint. Alumina is available in 1- and 5-gallon bottles, and 55-gallon drums.




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