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Spray Wash And The Clay Bar Kit Smooth Out The Rough Spots

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If we get the paint on our old Corvette any smoother, even the dust will fall off by itself. We thought it was smooth to begin with, and it was, but then we used the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar on one fender and the trunk. We compared each of these panels to adjacent panels, and it was startling! Even though the paint is in good shape, we didn't realize how much grit and pollutants we were feeling before using the Clay Bar. Not only did it feel better, it looked better. Obviously if you remove material that has settled on the paint, you see the color better, and we did. After finishing up the remaining panels, we covered it with Mothers Carnuba Wax. That made it as slippery as an old pump handle on a frosty morning. How's that for slick?

Before using the Clay Bar kit, the car must be washed. At a recent Track Day event the Mothers reps gave us some of their new Spray Wash to try. Typically we are the fill-a-bucket-with-suds types, but this Spray Wash is much more convenient for car washes and definitely saves soap and water. Besides that, it works great.

This is not a time-consuming operation. Once we got the feel of it, we used the clay bar on the whole car in about a half-hour. Granted it's a Corvette, but even an Impala shouldn't take too long, and it's worth the extra time.


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