Chevy Nova Trunk Restoration - Rust Never Sleeps

A Little Repair, Some Sanding, And A Squirt Of Paint Are All It Takes To Make A Trunk Look New

Jason Walker Jul 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

A wire wheel will take care of any hard-toreach places that should not be overlooked.

Here is the kit straight out of the box.Por15 even furnishes paint brushes,Which might save a last-minute run to The hardware store.

Sucp_0107_04_z Chevy_nova_trunk_restoration Wire_wheel 2/21

Since we only have small areas of rust, we decided to brush the rust-preventive paint onInstead of spraying. This method is quicker and easier than masking the entire car just to Spray the trunk. The paint is very thick and will cover the trunk's sheetmetal nicely with Only one or two coats.

Even though we covered almost the entire trunk floor, it seemed better to be safe thanSorry at this point. It took less time to brush on the paint than it took to prep the entireArea. Notice that all areas, including scratches and chips in the original coating, wereCovered with a liberal amount of the rust-preventive paint.

Any pieces that can be unbolted should receive the same treatment as the trunk floor.However, the inspection plates shown in the photos needed only to be wire-wheeled and Painted.

To achieve an even pattern of paint, you will need to hold the spray can-or gun-at least A foot away from what you are spraying. This causes an overspray cloud that will float Around and attach itself to anything in close proximity. Make sure to mask the area Completely to prevent this from happening to areas that you don't want painted.

Once everything is masked, it's time to spray. Don't forget to pull all the rubber plugs Out of the floor before applying the first coat, as well as covering up any wiring you Don't want painted.

With our project being a convertible, we needed to mask the underside of the top Boot, where the package tray normally resides in a hardtop version.




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