1998 Chevy Camaro Stereo System - Selective Hearing

Improving The Sound Quality Of A Fourth-Gen Camaro With A Kicking Stereo System

Frank H. Cicerale May 8, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Since the tweeters were moved to the upper part of the door, the door panels needed to be repaired or replaced. After we took the tweeters out of the door panel, we were left with this gargantuan hole.

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Instead of popping for new door panels, we chose to try and repair these first. Gino cut a swatch of gray carpet from the console area (underneath the console of course) and, using some backing and a hot glue gun, cut the swatches to fit the holes and glued them to the backing.

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After a few minutes of brushing, the holes were hardly noticeable. However, due to 82,000 miles of sunlight, the door panel carpeting was a bit faded as opposed to the carpet cut from under the consoleThough it's noticeable up close, from 10 feet away you can't tell the difference. Once Gino fixed the door panels, they were reinstalled on the doors starting with the passenger side.

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Before we rolled to Gino's shop, we had F-Body Motorsports ship out a window switch trim piece to replace our broken one. Once the door panel was back on, the broken piece was thrown away and the new one was installed. This quick five-minute job greatly reduced the unsightliness of the door and will lower our aggravation level when it comes time to roll down the windows.

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With most of today's cars coming with an option to install XM or Sirius satellite radio on the assembly line, it was decided that Sirius would make its way into the Camaro. The tuner seen here is made to work with an Alpine head unit. We could have gone with a universal unit, but then we would have had to fabricate a mount for the tuner. Since we wanted to hide as much of the stereo system as possible, using this part was a surefire way of keeping the factory look to the car.

Sucp_0705_20_z 1998_chevrolet_camaro_z28 Stereo_installation 7/27

With most of the easy stuff done, it came time to tackle the tricky part of the install, which was hooking up the wiring and mounting the amplifiers. To do this, we needed to remove the rear seats, disconnect the seat belts from the top portion of the seat, and take out the seat belt receptacles.


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