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Tony Huntimer May 1, 2013
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Dealer badges of all shapes and sizes.

There have been over 5 million Camaros produced. Every Camaro was sold from one of hundreds of Chevrolet dealerships.

Back in the day, many dealerships branded the cars they sold with a dealership badge before customers could drive their cars off the lot. This badging/branding was done by attaching a badge with the name of the dealer, and sometimes included the city and state. Camaros were no exception. Even rare super cars like COPO 427-powered '69 Camaros proudly wore the badges. Some of the dealerships that sold COPO Camaros with their names on them were: Berger, Jack Douglass, Burt, Van, Van-T, Byrne Brothers, Jay Kline, Dana, Francis, Prout, Reedman, Joseph, and Bill Allen. Does your Camaro have a badge from one of these dealerships? It's possible the badge is the last remnant of the lost history of a COPO Camaro, or at the very least a dealership that may have disappeared from Americana decades ago.

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Over the years, most of these cool dealer badges have been thrown away and the holes left behind have been filled. Without these badges, the Camaros lose a piece of their history. If you remove a dealership badge and don't want to put it back on the outside of the car, maybe there's a place inside the trunk it could be mounted in an inconspicuous place to keep some of the history. We've only heard of a couple of rare cases where someone installed a dealership badge that didn't belong to the car. For the most part, the dealership badge on a car might be original.

What if you want to add a dealership badge and be 100 percent correct about the original selling dealership? You'll have to do some research about your car. If you're lucky, your car will have some helpful hints, but the only way to truly know which dealership originally sold your vehicle is to own a documented COPO 427 Camaro or have the original dealership paperwork (bill of sale, Protect-O-Plate, window/Monroney sticker, etc.).

Did your Camaro have a dealership badge? If so, what dealership? Did you take it off during a restoration? If so, why? Do you have proof of which dealership originally sold your Camaro? If so, which one? If you have answers to these questions and are interested in being part of a Camaro dealership database, contact me at

Special Thanks to Brian Henderson, Tony Lucas Collection, and Super Car Workshop.

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