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I-95 Camaro

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Six Deuces is a shop known for building ’60s-style hot rods and customs, so when Mark Wieczorek brought them his ’68, the eventual plan was almost a foregone conclusion. “Mark wanted a street car that could attend track days and his local road course. So after shooting around some ideas, we decided to build a ’60s Grand-Am-influenced Camaro,” remarked Six Deuces shop owner Corry Hunter.

A quartet of 17-inch Vintage Wheel Works V48 rollers set the mood for the build, and while the outward appearance will have a retro vibe, the underpinnings will be stuffed with modern tech. The front suspension will be a Heidts arrangement centered around their narrowed tubular control arms and coilovers. Out back, DSE wheeltubs will provide space for wide rubber while Six Deuces will fab up a triangulated four-link with QA1 coilover shocks. A Moser 9-inch with 4.11 gears will plant the power from a worked-over ’68 327 small-block. Since this car will be hitting road courses, a Tremec TKO five-speed trans was sourced for shifting duties.

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Body mods will include a custom aluminum fuel cell filled via a Shelby-inspired fuel cap molded into the driver-side quarter. The shop will also work over the factory spoiler and bend up a one-off front chin spoiler. As for the project’s name, Corry relayed, “After getting to know Mark and his daily routine, we figured out he spent a lot of time on Interstate 95, and after joking about him blasting around work traffic with a Grand-Am-inspired car, the name I-95 seemed fit to give the Camaro its identity.”

To follow the build, check it out online at sixdeuces.com.




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