TCI's F-body Roll Stop Kit - Stop, Lock, And No Roll

TCI’s F-body Roll Stop Kit Helps Put the Brakes on Redlighting at the Dragstrip

Camp 1210 15 Z Tcis F Body Roll Stop Kit 2/17

One of the things we try to promote with our project cars here at Camaro Performers magazine is the fact that we build them with the ability to do a lot of things well as opposed to doing just one thing great. Sure, we could build a sole-purpose drag car or an autocross track fiend, but the simple fact that we don’t own a trailer makes those bad ideas. But in all seriousness, we actually like driving to and from events, and after a long day at the track, it’s just easier to pull into the garage and shut the door instead of having to offload it from a trailer.

Camp 1210 01 Z Tcis F Body Roll Stop Kit 3/17

Recently, we’ve been doing quite a bit of drag racing with Black Betty, our ’01 project car, and we were having problems getting the car to sit still after staging in the beams. Redlighting is the worst feeling ever, so it was time for a fix.

Keep in mind we are running a manual trans, so staging the car and holding in the clutch while trying to get the rpm to the proper launch point, all without rolling forward (especially on a downhill track) was a difficult task.

In order to handle our not-stopping dilemma, we called the folks at TCI Automotive for one of their ’98– 02 F-body Roll Stop kits (PN 861728). The kit comes complete with everything necessary for a super easy installation resulting in a clean professional look.

Oh, and the other great thing about this kit: we can now do really cool, controlled, smoky burnouts without having to worry about pushing the brake pedal and releasing the clutch at the same time.




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